2 “Forever” Stocks to Grab on This Pullback (paying up to 7.7%)

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By Brett Owens

What if you could lock in a 7.7% gain year in and year out, and get it all in cash , no matter what the S&P 500 does?

With the marketaEURtms paper gains for 2018 now mostly gone, no thanks to the correction, IaEURtmm guessing this would have a lot of appeal. So today, IaEURtmm going to show you 2 aEURoepullback-proofaEUR dividends paying 5.4% and 7.7%, with plenty of price upside ahead, too.

Thanks to the pullback, these two are perfect for buying now and sitting on forever (or at least a few decades). More on them in a moment.

How to Beat Fear and Get Rich From the Pullback

First, if the daily barrage of negative headlines has you pondering bailing out on stocks, stick with me for a second, because thataEURtms the worst thing you could do now.

Imagine, for example, if youaEURtmd sold out on any of the scares weaEURtmve seen in the last 10 years. ItaEURtms worth revisiting this rogueaEURtms gallery, to remind ourselves that weaEURtmve been here (and to worse places) before.

It includes:

  • The 2008aEUR"09 financial crisis
  • The 2010 Greek debt crisis
  • The 2010 flash crash
  • The Chinese stock-market crash of early 2016
  • The correction of February 2018

Plus many smaller tantrums along the way.

If you pulled the ripcord on these occasions, youaEURtmd have missed some or all of the following monster gain (not to mention dividend payments):

Longer Timeline, Bigger Return

But if you still canaEURtmt pull yourself away from your iPhone, ponder these words from the master himself, Warren Buffett: aEURoeThe stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.aEUR

Given recent events, now seems like a particularly good time to give you the 2 buys I mentioned off the topaEUR"plus my favorite strategy for funding your golden years without suffering a daily panic attack from the headlines.

The Strategy: Live on Dividends Alone

YouaEURtmve likely heard of Wall StreetaEURtms aEURoe4% rule,aEUR which says you should supplement your dividend income in retirement by selling 4% of your portfolio every year.

Trouble is, if youaEURtmd followed this aEURoewisdomaEUR during this selloff, you would have sold straight into this:

The 4% Rule Slams Into Reality

And thataEURtms in just six weeks! I know I donaEURtmt have to tell you that pulling a fixed percentage of capital from your portfolio in a really long slump is a recipe for wiping out your nest eggaEUR"not to mention your dividend income.

Luckily, thereaEURtms a better approach: investments paying outsized cash dividends of 5.4%, 7.7% and even higher. That way, if you have a nest egg in the $500k neighborhood you could live on dividends alone aEUR"and shut off CNBC for good!

Pick No. 1: A 7.7% Dividend ThataEURtms Sailed Through the Carnage

Which brings me to the first buy IaEURtmm going to show you today: a fund that not only throws off a massive 7.7% payout but pays dividends monthly .

This little-known fund holds some of the top names in the healthcare sector, which has clobbered the market this year. But thanks to the correction, healthcare has pulled back from highs in January and early October, opening a nice buy window.

Healthcare Backs Up the Truck

But weaEURtmre not going to satisfy ourselves by purchasing the aEURoedumbaEUR index fund you see in this chart, the Health Care Select Sector SPDR ETF ( XLV ). Its 1.5% payout wonaEURtmt come close to cutting it if we want to aEURoelock inaEUR our gains in cash and retire on dividends alone.

Instead weaEURtmre going to turn to a closed-end fund ( CEF ) : the Tekla Healthcare Opportunities Fund ( THQ ). Check out its top holdingsaEUR"IaEURtmm betting you know every single one.

Source: Tekla Capital Management LLC

If youaEURtmre a regular reader, Tekla might sound familiar, because the company is a long-time favorite of my colleague, CEF aEURoeprofessoraEUR Michael Foster .

ThataEURtms because itaEURtms poached an all-star team of doctors and researchers from the likes of Merck & Co. ( MRK ) and Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ ) to work with its own financial whiz kids.

Their expertise is showing up in THQ, TeklaaEURtms newest fund, launched in 2014. So far this year, itaEURtms bagged a 7% total return (with dividends included). And while thataEURtms a bit behind XLVaEURtms, 8.7%, weaEURtmre not going to split hairs here because unlike XLV, which could give up the difference tomorrow, THQaEURtms gain was almost entirely in cash , thanks to its monster 7.7% payout.

That kind of performance, during a very volatile year, is just the kind of field test we want from a aEURoeforeveraEUR retirement play.

And THQaEURtms monster dividend gets further support because the fundaEURtms market price is 9.2% lower than its net asset value (NAV, or what its portfolio is worth on the open market). This discount is a quirk of CEFs that gives us both price upside (that gap has narrowed to as little as 5.8% in the last 2 years) and downside protection.

For income-seekers, the upshot is that thanks to this markdown, the only yield that matters is the yield on NAV (or what management must get from the portfolio to maintain the payout). Right now, THQaEURtms yield on NAV sits at 7.1%, a much easier bar for the team at the top to clear.

And they have, delivering the proceeds to shareholders in a steady stream month in and month out:

Source: CEFConnect.com

The bottom line?

THQ boasts a monthly 7.7% dividend, top-flight management and high-quality portfolio in a sector with plenty of upside, thanks to the wave of retiring baby boomers . That makes it a great fund to buy now, before its discount narrows further.

Pick No. 2: Play Defense With This 5.4% Dividend

Of course, big-cap healthcare stocks arenaEURtmt the only way to tap big gains (and income) from this cash-flush sector. Another option: Go straight to these companiesaEURtm aEURoelandlordsaEUR and grab a big chunk of the rent the collect every month in cash.


Through healthcare REITs, owners of the labs, medical offices and hospitals everyone from big pharma to your family doctor counts on. And you can bet these properties will stay hot no matter what the economy does.

The herd knows it. Check out how my next pick, Physicians Realty Trust (DOC), sailed through the October swoon while the market fell on its face:

A Textbook Defensive Play

DOC sits on a portfolio of 249 medical-office buildings across 30 states, almost all of which (97%) are rented.

The trust isnaEURtmt only diversified by territory: it also gives you an extra layer of safety by spreading its properties across a long tenant list, with no single occupant chipping in more than 6% of annualized base rent.

Which brings me to the trustaEURtms dividend, which clocks in at a gaudy 5.4%. Sure, that doesnaEURtmt quite hit the same level as THQ, but thereaEURtms room for growth: funds from operations (FFO, a better indicator of REIT performance than earnings) are surging: up 27% since the first quarter of 2016.

And IaEURtmm sure you know that healthcare spending is explodingaEUR"and that will push up demand and rents (and by extension FFO and dividends) even more:

Source: Physicians Realty Trust Bank of America Merill Lynch Global Real Estate Conference Presentation, September 2018

Meantime, this payout is safe, at 86% of trailing-12-month FFO, easily manageable for a steady Eddie like DOC.

And let me leave you with this: even though it aced the downturn, you can buy DOC at just 16-times FFO. ThataEURtms a smoking deal, given the REITaEURtms defensive chops and room for upside in both the share price and the dividend. Grab this one now and lock in its aEURoepullback proofaEUR 5.4% payout today.

Yours Now: AnA Entire 19-Stock PortfolioA With Safe Cash Payouts Up to 11%

As I showed you above, defensive REITs and CEFs are your aEURoedividend lifeboatsaEUR when the markets get rough. ThataEURtms because their massive cash payouts give you more of your profits in cash, rather than here today, gone tomorrow paper gains.

And by focusing on REITs and CEFs with steady cash flow, you can make sure your nest egg stays intactaEUR"and grows for the future.

$40,000 in Income on $500k

IaEURtmve got 6A more A dividend plays to give youaEUR"all REITs and CEFsaEUR"that fit this description to a T. Each one taps intoA the same kinds of surging trends A as THQ and DOC, but with one crucial difference: they pay even higher dividends.

IaEURtmm talking 8% cash payouts, on averageaEUR"enough to let you retire on dividends alone with a $500k nest egg, thanks to the $40,000 yearly income stream these defensive superstars give you.

ThataEURtms why I call this my aEURoe 8% No-Withdrawal Portfolio .aEUR I canaEURtmt wait to show it to you.

ThataEURtms not all, either.

Because the A newest issue of myA Contrarian Income ReportA newsletter will publish this Friday, with fresh updates on the 19 stocks and funds in our serviceaEURtms portfolio, handing our savvy CIR members massive yields up to 11%!

I want to send all 19 of these cash-rich plays your way, too. DonaEURtmt miss out.

Click here and IaEURtmll give you INSTANT access to my 8% No-Withdrawal portfolioA and the latest issue ofA Contrarian Income Report, A with its 19 powerhouse income plays (yields up to 11%) .

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