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Trading in LogicaCMG on the Nordic Exchange


Trading in LogicaCMG on the Nordic Exchange As of October 16, 2006, the Nordic Exchange offers trading in the European IT company LogicaCMG. LogicaCMG, which has acquired some 85 percent of WM-data, is listed on the London Stock Exchange and Euronext. The Nordic Exchange enables WM-datas former shareholders to trade LogicaCMG shares in an easy and cost efficient way. Offering trading in LogicaCMG also in Stockholm is a very good solution, especially for the shareholders, says Jenny Rosberg, President of Company Services, OMX. To assure that trading of the LogicaCMG share maintains satisfactory liquidity, SEB Enskilda will act as the market maker so that buy and sell prices are continuously available. About trading in LogicaCMG LogicaCMG shares will be available on the Stockholm Stock Exchanges Xternal list, which is a list for shares in foreign companies that are not listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. This means that no listing agreement exists between the Stockholm Stock Exchange and LogicaCMG, which implies, among other effects, that the Stockholm Stock Exchanges regulations in regard to the disclosure of information to the market will not apply. Investors will be able to obtain information about events that have an impact on the share price and about other matters, such as financial report, on LogicaCMGs website ( or from other public sources used to distribute information. LogicaCMG will be traded in SEK and a round lot amounts to 500. For more information, please contact Ulrika Areskog, OMX Nordic Exchange +46 (0)8 405 63 76 About OMX OMX is a leading expert in the exchange industry. Through the Nordic Exchange in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius, OMX offers access to approximately 80 percent of the Nordic and Baltic securities market. Our integrated technology solutions span the entire transaction chain enabling efficient securities transactions for exchanges, clearing organizations, central securities depositories and other financial institutions around the world. OMX is listed on the Nordic Exchange in Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen. For more information please visit PDF

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