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Swedbank extends its membership of the Nordic Exchange


Swedbank extends its membership of the Nordic Exchange Swedbank AB (publ) will become a member of the Copenhagen Stock Exchange as of Tuesday January 23. They will thereby gain trading access to the Danish equity market. Swedbank AB (publ) is already a member of the Nordic Exchange in Stockholm, Helsinki and Iceland. We are very happy to welcome Swedbank as a member of OMX Nordic Exchange in Copenhagen. The expanded membership gives Swedbank an excellent opportunity to profit from the Nordic Exchanges offerings, says Jan Ovesen, President OMX Nordic Exchange in Copenhagen. Swedbank is a Swedish bank which will trade on the Danish equity market from its headquarters in Stockholm. Swedbank has a portfolio of both private and institutional clients and can via its expanded membership of the Nordic Exchange offer their clients direct access to trade on the Danish equity market. The Nordic Exchange has 159 members in 13 different countries. For more information, please contact Ellen-Margrethe Soelberg, OMX Nordic Exchange in Copenhagen + 45 33 77 04 30 About OMX | OMX is a leading expert in the exchange industry. Through the Nordic Exchange, OMX offers access to approximately 80 percent of the Nordic and Baltic securities market. The Nordic Exchange is a term used for marketing purposes and is not a legal entity. It describes the common offering from the Helsinki Stock Exchange, Copenhagen Stock Exchange, Stockholm Stock Exchange, Iceland Stock Exchange, Tallinn Stock Exchange, Riga Stock Exchange and Vilnius Stock Exchange. OMX' integrated technology solutions cross the transaction chain enabling efficient securities transactions for over 60 exchange organizations in more than 50 countries. OMX is a Nordic Large Cap company in the Financial sector on the OMX Nordic Exchange. For more information, please visit PDF

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