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Stockholm Stock Exchange's formal opinion on proposed code for corporate governance


Stockholm Stock Exchanges formal opinion on proposed code for corporate governance StockholmStock Exchange takes a favorable view of the introduction of a Swedish code for corporate governance. However, it believes that, in certain respects, the proposed code will have excessively far-reaching effects on small and midsize companies. The Exchange intends to include the code in its rules and regulations, although a prerequisite for this is that the code receives wide-ranging support from Swedish listed companies. Accordingly, Stockholm Stock Exchange proposes, among other recommendations, that the Code Group be complemented through the appointment of a special representative for small and midsize companies. Although Stockholm Stock Exchange intends to incorporate the code into its rules, it emphasized in its formal opinion on the official report that the final formulation of the code will influence the way this will be conducted. Incorporation of the code in the Stock Exchanges rules requires broad support and acceptance among Swedish enterprise, particularly from listed companies. The fact that the code, or certain rules contained in the code, should apply only to a few of the largest Swedish companies would have unfortunate effects on its credibility. The code should therefore largely reflect current practices in the market. In its formal opinion on the official report, Stockholm Stock Exchange states that the Code Groups proposal is excessively detailed and that trivialities should be deleted. In addition, a number of rules are excessively far reaching and the Exchange therefore forwards its own views and proposals regarding a number of the rules contained in the proposed code. We welcome a Swedish code of corporate governance. However, it is essential that the code reflect standard practices in Sweden and has extensive support. This would increase confidence in Swedish enterprise and in the securities market says Henrik Paulsson, Acting President of Stockholm Stock Exchange. For more information or comments, please contact Henrik Paulsson, Acting President, Stockholm Stock Exchange tel + 46 8 405 73 34 Annika Molander, Communications Manager OMX Exchanges/Stockholm Stock Exchange, tel +46 8 405 66 10 About OMX Exchanges: OMX Exchanges is a division of OMX. OMX Exchanges operates the stock exchanges in Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, as well as the central securities depositories in Finland, Estonia and Latvia. Via OMX Exchanges, customers are offered access to 80 percent of the Nordic and Baltic securities market.

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