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Resolutions from the OMHEX Annual General Meeting


Resolutions from the OMHEX Annual General Meeting The Annual General Meeting approved the Board's proposal that no dividend be distributed to the shareholders. Current Board members Adine Grate Axén, Gunnar Brock, Thomas Franzén, Bengt Halse, Timo Ihamuotila, Tarmo Korpela, Mikael Lilius, Markku Pohjola and Olof Stenhammar were re-elected. It was resolved that fees to the Board of Directors are to remain unchanged with SEK 700 000 to the Chairman of the Board and SEK 200 000 to Board members. It was also resolved that fees of a total of SEK 125 000 are to be paid to the members of the Remuneration Committee and the Auditing Committee, the distribution of which will be determined by the Board. Auditors' fees will be paid in the usual manner against authorized invoices. The Annual General Meeting disapproved the proposal from the Swedish Shareholders' Association regarding Nominating Committee and the nominating process. Instead, the Annual General Meeting approved the Board's proposal of a nominating process that will be carried out such that the four largest shareholders, who wishes to participate, during the fourth quarter of the year each shall appoint a representative (who shall not be a member of the Board of Directors) with the Chairman of the Board as convener. The Nominating Committee shall submit a proposal regarding the composition of the Board of Directors, and auditors where appropriate, to be presented to the Annual General Meeting for resolution. According to the proposal, the names of the four representatives shall be made public as soon as such persons are appointed. This shall also apply in the case of an Extraordinary General Meeting. Magnus Böcker's address to the meeting can be read on OMHEX' web site ( For more information or comments, please contact: Anna Rasin, Vice President Communication +46 8 405 66 12

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