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OMHEX Executive Management purchase OMHEX shares from Olof Stenhammar


OMHEX Executive Management purchase OMHEX shares from Olof Stenhammar Today, OMHEX CEO Magnus Böcker purchased 100 000 shares in OMHEX. Deputy CEO Jukka Ruuska and President of OM Technology Klas Ståhl (via companies) each purchased 60 000 shares, and CFO Per Nordberg purchased 40 000 shares in OMHEX. All 260 000 shares were purchased from Olof Stenhammar (via companies), founder and Chairman of OMHEX, at a price of SEK 98 each, which corresponds to the market price. In an unrelated transaction, Olof Stenhammar sold an additional 20 000 shares on the market. To facilitate financing of the share purchase for the OMHEX Executive Management, Olof Stenhammar has written put options corresponding to each individual’s share purchase. The put options expire in May 2007 and have a strike price of SEK 87 per share, which will be reduced by future dividends. The premium for each put option has been calculated according to market valuation. I am happy to facilitate the management team’s investment in this company. This transaction is also a way to ensure that creating shareholder value will remain a top priority for the management at OMHEX. Since I was planning to sell the shares anyway, the chance to divest them in this way is very opportune. I plan to use the proceeds from the sale towards some of my private endeavors, said Olof Stenhammar, founder and Chairman of OMHEX. Following the transaction, the total shareholding in OMHEX of the above-mentioned people amounts to: Number of shares % of capital Olof Stenhammar (including companies) 2 737 590 2.38 Magnus Böcker 204 726 0.18 Jukka Ruuska 75 000 0.06 Klas Ståhl (including companies) 65 200 0.06 Per Nordberg 44 000 0.04 For more information or comments, please contact: Olof Stenhammar, Chairman +46 8 405 66 42 Magnus Böcker, President and CEO +46 8 405 66 44 Anna Rasin, VP Marketing & Communications +46 8 405 66 12

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