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Olof Stenhammar will not stand for reelection to the OMX Board of Directors


Olof Stenhammar will not stand for reelection to the OMX Board of Directors OMX founder and Chairman of the Board Olof Stenhammar has reported that he will not stand for reelection to the OMX Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting 2007. Having founded OMX in 1984, served as the companys CEO until 1996 and thereafter served as Chairman of the Board, Olof Stenhammar has decided to not stand for reelection to the Board at the Annual General Meeting in the spring. OMX has been a pioneer in the major transformation that the worlds exchanges have gone through during the last decades, as regards to organization as well as modern transaction technology. It has been a fantastic experience to take the initiative and be a part of the journey, says Olof Stenhammar. OMX is in many ways a part of me, but at some point one has to make the decision that it is time to go. OMX is today an international company with exceptional prospects for the future and a highly competent Board and management. It therefore feels right to take this step now, he adds. Now I will have more time to pursue many other projects that appeal to my entrepreneurial spirit. It is possible that I might even take pen in hand and write something. There is so much that has happened during all these years. It might have a broader interest, concludes Olof Stenhammar. OMX Annual General Meeting will take place on 12 April 2007. For more information, please contact: Niclas Lilja, OMX +46 8 405 63 95 About OMX OMX is a leading expert in the exchange industry. Through the Nordic Exchange, OMX offers access to approximately 80 percent of the Nordic and Baltic securities market. The Nordic Exchange is a term used for marketing purposes and is not a legal entity. It describes the common offering from the Helsinki Stock Exchange, Copenhagen Stock Exchange, Stockholm Stock Exchange, Iceland Stock Exchange, Tallinn Stock Exchange, Riga Stock Exchange and Vilnius Stock Exchange. OMX integrated technology solutions cross the transaction chain enabling efficient securities transactions for over 60 exchange organizations in more than 50 countries. OMX is a Nordic Large Cap company in the Financials sector on the OMX Nordic Exchange. For more information, please visit PDF

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