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The NASDAQ Stock Market Announces Open Short-Interest Positions in NASDAQ Stocks for April 2007


NEW YORK, April 24, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- As of mid-April, short interest in 2,756 NASDAQ Global Market(sm) securities totaled 7,819,110,519 shares compared with 7,707,876,747 shares in 2,758 Global Market issues for the month of March.

The April short interest represents 4.17 days average daily NASDAQ Global Market share volume for the reporting period, compared with 3.58 days in March. Short interest in 537 securities on The NASDAQ Capital Market(sm) totaled 192,482,412 shares for April, compared with 186,106,783 shares in 529 securities for the month of March. This represents 2.99 days average daily volume, compared with last month's figure of 2.34.

In summary, short interest in all 3,293 NASDAQ(r) securities totaled 8,011,592,931 shares for April, compared with 3,287 issues and 7,893,983,530 shares in March. This is 4.13 days average daily volume, compared with last month's average of 3.54 days.

The open short interest positions reported for each NASDAQ security reflect the total number of shares sold short by all broker/dealers regardless of their exchange affiliations. A short sale is generally understood to mean the sale of a security that the seller does not own or any sale that is consummated by the delivery of a security borrowed by or for the account of the seller.

The monthly NASDAQ short interest figures are current as of the 14th of the month and are released to the media after the market close on the seventh business day following that date. The figures this month include all short-interest positions reported from March 12, 2007 through April 10, 2007 and settled as of April 13, 2007.

The total NASDAQ short positions for the preceding 12 months and current month follow:

Number of Settlement Date Total Short Interest Securities April 13, 2006 6,286,025,884 3,282 May 15, 2006 6,451,337,395 3,301 June 15, 2006 7,188,384,593 3,299 July 14, 2006 7,139,899,294 3,300 August 15, 2006 7,268,106,428 3,286 September 15, 2006 7,353,774,333 3,294 October 13, 2006 7,414,701,519 3,312 November 15, 2006 7,004,368,041 3,311 December 15, 2006 6,924,409,737 3,288 January 12, 2007 6,884,364,389 3,279 February 15, 2007 7,044,297,013 3,292 March 15, 2007 7,893,983,530 3,287 April 13, 2007 8,011,592,931 3,293

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