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Mia Farrow to Speak At U.S. Holocaust Museum Event in New York -- 'Genocide Emergency: Darfur, Sudan'


WASHINGTON, Nov. 29, 2006 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Actress and activist Mia Farrow will be the keynote speaker at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's "Genocide Emergency: Darfur, Sudan" program being held at the NASDAQ MarketSite on Thursday, November 30 from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. The program is sponsored by the Museum's Next Generation Board and will benefit the Museum's Committee on Conscience (COC).

The COC works to raise public awareness and alert the national conscience to contemporary genocide and related crimes against humanity. Committee Director John Heffernan will also speak at the event. During the program, images from the genocide in Darfur will be displayed on MarketSite screen overlooking Times Square. The outdoor display follows a week-long program at the Museum in Washington, where images from the genocide were projected onto the Museum's exterior to draw attention to the crisis in a bold, dramatic fashion.

"Young people have been at the forefront of bringing attention to the situation in Darfur," says Heffernan. "The work of the Next Generation Board is critical to fulfilling the Museum's goal of building a 'community of conscience' -- a community of people committed to honoring victims of the Holocaust by fighting genocide worldwide."

In July 2004 the COC declared a "Genocide Emergency" for Darfur. Since then the Committee has been working to educate policy makers and the American public about the urgent need to take action to end the genocide there. The Museum has mounted a display on the crisis in Darfur; held educational programming on the topic featuring members of Congress and Holocaust survivors; hosted two national conferences for student leaders engaged on the issue; and more. The Committee recently launched a weekly podcast series and blog, "Voices on Genocide Prevention," featuring leaders in government, media and advocacy addressing how citizens can get involved in genocide prevention efforts.

Mia Farrow has been an outspoken voice on the genocide in Darfur. She first visited the region in 2004 and returned in June 2006. Her op-eds on the crisis have appeared in major newspapers nationwide, and her photographs of the refugee camps have been widely published. She has given close to 1,000 interviews on the subject -- including one for the "Voices on Genocide Prevention" podcast series -- and continues to speak at universities and Darfur-related events across the country.

"The immeasurable suffering of the Darfurian people will forever be with me," said Mia Farrow. "The situation continues to deteriorate, and ending this human catastrophe will require the engagement of citizens from all walks of life. Activism begins with education, and I am proud to be working with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in calling attention to genocide unfolding on our watch."

The Museum's Next Generation Board seeks to engage and inspire the professional community of the New York metropolitan area through philanthropic activities and educational programming. In memory of the Holocaust, the board is dedicated to confronting today's moral and ethical challenges and to shaping the next generation of leadership. The Board members serving as event Chairs are: Joey Breslow, Heidi Fuld, Lauren Isaacs, Julie Schwarz Kopel, Mara Lipner, Elisa Mailman, Stacey Saiontz, and Glenn Sapadin.

The NASDAQ Stock Market has donated the space for the event.

The program is open to the public. RSVPs are required. Cost is $150 per person through November 22 and $175 per person after that. Media interested in attending the event should contact Andy Hollinger at 202-488-6133 or

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum honors the memory of the victims by teaching their story to each new generation; and stimulating citizens and leaders to confront hatred and antisemitism; prevent genocide; promote human dignity; and strengthen democracy. Through a public/private partnership, federal support guarantees the Museum's permanence and donors nationwide make possible its educational activities and global outreach. Nearly 24 million people -- including over 8 million schoolchildren -- have visited the Museum since it opened in 1993, and through its Web site, podcasts, traveling exhibitions, and educational programs the Museum reaches millions more. The Web site averages 15 million visits per year coming from more than 100 countries daily. For more information, visit

CONTACT: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Andrew Hollinger (202) 488-6133

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