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Jiway extends coverage to Swiss market


JIWAY EXTENDS COVERAGE TO SWISS MARKET On Monday, 20 May 2002, Jiway extended its coverage to include the Swiss market and executed its first transaction in a Swiss stock. With this latest addition, Jiway now provides a single point of access for trading into nine markets: US: NYSE, NASDAQ, UK: SETS & SEAQ, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Holland and Switzerland. By adding the Swiss market and increasing the range of stocks available on Jiway, we have continued to strengthen our position as the market’s most cost efficient one-stop shop for cross-border equity trading, says Martin Coen, General Manager, Jiway. Jiway was restructured in October 2001 in order to adjust its cost base to a level more appropriate to the current retail market conditions and became a wholly owned subsidiary of OM. Since then OM has helped Jiway expand its service and more than double the membership, from 13 to 28 trading parties in eight countries across Europe. In today's cost-focused market, Jiway brings great value to brokers and banks by providing a single access point for cross-border trading, clearing and safekeeping. With minimal investment, Jiway allows brokers and banks to offer their customers immediate access to the prices and liquidity on 9 foreign exchanges at an extremely competitive price and without the back-office overheads usually associated with foreign stock trading. Access to Jiway is made easy and cost efficient through Jiway Link - a new web-based trading tool. Jiway Link enables members to simply plug in and trade the world’s major equity markets without having to face costly connection fees and system configuration issues. For more information on access to cross-border trading through Jiway see About Jiway Jiway is the world's first fully integrated stock exchange that combines trading, clearing, settlement and safekeeping all in one place. Offering highly efficient, low cost access to multiple markets, Jiway is the only exchange in the world to provide real front-to-back, fully automated straight through processing. The Jiway market is wholly owned by OM AB and operated as a market within the OM London Exchange, a Regulated Investment Exchange (under the UK's Financial Services Authority). For further information, please contact: Martin Coen, General Manager, Jiway Tel: +44 20 7065 8240 Anna Eriksson, VP Brand & Communications, OM Tel: +46 8 405 6612 Jiway OM London Exchange Limited. 131 Finsbury Pavement. London EC2A 1NT. UK. Tel +44 (0)20 7065 8700. Fax +44 (0)20 7065 8701. Registered in England No 2340701 Jiway is a division of the OM London Exchange Limited a recognised investment exchange in the UK

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