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Jiway announces restructuring


JIWAY ANNOUNCES RESTRUCTURING LONDON, Thursday 27 September 2001- Jiway today announced that OM will be taking full control of Jiway’s operations, ending its joint venture with Morgan Stanley and enabling it to continue its operations at substantially lower costs. Effective 1st October, Jiway Broker Services and the assets of the exchange, Jiway Limited, will be fully owned by OM, who will become sole owner of the Jiway trademark and exchange, clearing and back-office-for-hire operations. Morgan Stanley will remain actively involved as a market maker and trading party on the Jiway exchange. Commenting on the restructuring, Per E. Larsson, Chief Executive of OM said: This restructuring enables Jiway to retain its full potential, whilst substantially reducing its cost base. We are now in a much better position to extend the time needed to realise the full value of Jiway as a fully integrated retail exchange. Jerker Johansson, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, added, Given the current market conditions, it is necessary for Jiway to reduce its cost base. This is best achieved by integrating the operations with those of OM. As evidenced by our continued involvement, Morgan Stanley remains supportive of the services that Jiway can deliver to the equity markets. OM and Morgan Stanley have agreed to share responsibility for those Jiway liabilities incurred before 1 October 2001 not specifically assigned to OM. END For further information please contact: Jiway : Lynton Jones +44 (0)20 7651 3914 Beverley Weber +44 (0)20 7544 3142 OM : Anna Eriksson +46 (0)8 405 6612 Morgan Stanley : Euart Glendinning +44 (0)20 7425 4942 Notes to Editors: • Jiway Holdings Limited operates Jiway Limited - the RIE headquartered in London - and Jiway Broker Services AB - headquartered in Stockholm. Jiway Limited is an electronic order and quote driven market providing a single access point to shares from the UK, Sweden, France, US, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands, with guaranteed liquidity and prices no worse than the underlying exchange. Jiway Limited acts as the central counterparty, thereby offering anonymous trading with reduced risks, and also offers global safekeeping services to its clients. Currently brokers in the UK, Germany and Sweden are connected to Jiway. • Jiway Limited was granted Recognised Investment Exchange (RIE) status in the UK and EU Regulated Market status on 31 October 2000, and started trading on 17 November 2000. More information and free real-time prices can be found at Jiway Broker Services is a licensed securities company under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. It provides advanced systems and services to banks and brokerage firms on a ‘white label’ basis, allowing them to customise the client interface to suit their own requirements. It offers Back Office For Hire, a complete outsourcing of back office services currently used by over 30 banks and brokerage firms in Sweden and Norway, as well as a custody service. Jiway Broker Services also provides clearing, settlement and safekeeping services to Jiway Limited and a complete custody service for Sweden.

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