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HSBC expands its membership to cover the Nordic Exchange in Copenhagen and Helsinki


HSBC expands its membership to cover the Nordic Exchange in Copenhagen and Helsinki On February 15, 2006, HSBC expands its membership of the Nordic Exchange to include Copenhagen and Helsinki in addition to Stockholm. HSBC will have access to the three Nordic equity markets within OMX, namely on the Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki exchanges. Jukka Ruuska, President of the Nordic Marketplaces at OMX says: International interest in OMXs Nordic marketplaces has increased in recent years, and we expect that even more internationally oriented investors will be present on the Nordic Exchange and thus improve liquidity. Therefore, it is a pleasure to welcome a new international member like HSBC. The OMX Nordic Exchange Membership allows members operating in one exchange to trade also on the other two exchanges without any additional annual or monthly fixed fees. With one exchange membership, a member can operate more seamlessly across the Nordic borders. The provision of market access to our clients is a key goal of HSBC Global Equities, said Kevin Bourne, Global Head of Execution Trading at HSBC. We are very pleased to extend our membership to cover the exchanges in Copenhagen and Helsinki. Headquartered in London, HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. HSBC's international network comprises over 9,800 offices in 77 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. OMX has altogether 150 members (excluding 94 members that are members of more than one exchange) of which Stockholm Stock Exchange has 86 members, Helsinki Stock Exchange 49 members, Copenhagen Stock Exchange 49 members, Tallinn Stock Exchange 18 members, Riga Stock Exchange 17 members and Vilnius Stock Exchange 25 members. For more information, please contact: Jarmo Holopainen, Communications Manager, Helsinki +358 9 6166 7203 About OMX | OMX is a leading expert in the exchange industry. As owner and operator of the Nordic Exchange in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius, OMX offers access to approximately 80 percent of the Nordic and Baltic securities market. Our integrated technology solutions span the entire transaction chain enabling efficient securities transactions for exchanges, clearing organizations, central securities depositories and other financial institutions around the world. OMX is listed on the stock exchanges in Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen. For more information please visit PDF

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