Brando Benedit

Brando Benedit

Fixed Income Product Manager

At Nasdaq, the line of people willing to talk to you is huge.

Over the last two years at Nasdaq, Marine Corps veteran Brando Benedit has worked hard to deliver results as a Fixed Income Product Manager. While Brando has been working in different sectors of the financial services industry for the past 20 years, he took the opportunity to work at an exchange operator when it arose. “After being in the industry for many years, I never worked for exchange. This part of financial services is a key cornerstone of the industry,” Brando said. 

Brando joined the Fixed Income team in the middle of their re-platforming, during which clear communication among his team and with clients was crucial. “One of the first things I learned was to be transparent and efficient internally and externally. It’s important to offer clients good value and responsive service and to be transparent about what was going on,” Brando said. 

With such a broad range of clients, Brando and his team have had to offer different services, systems and features based on individual client needs. “All of those activities are important and they are all different, but I think that one of the most important lessons is to be very flexible. You are hired to achieve a result, and it’s not that I do this job or that job. Instead, I do the job that needs to get done.” 

Brando believes that many of the core values he learned during his time in the Marine Corps has translated into his work at Nasdaq, including integrity, initiative, knowledge and resilience. As part of the Veterans@Nasdaq employee network, Brando feels more embraced by Nasdaq’s culture and encourages his colleagues to reach out to each other, join employee networks and find mentors. “At Nasdaq, the line of people willing to talk to you is huge.” 

Going forward, Brando hopes to continue strengthening his expertise on fixed income and products, leveraging educational courses to build his knowledge base, and learning more about his colleagues and Nasdaq through employee networks and events.

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