Reimagining Tomorrow's Markets

We are reshaping the future of global markets by leveraging industry-defining technologies and redefining what a marketplace can be.

Technology powers everything we do at Nasdaq.

With disruption in our DNA, we view technology as the conduit to greater opportunities, everywhere. By leveraging the latest advancements in technology, we are committed to creating an interconnected future – one that is safer and stronger for everyone.

Together, we will redefine the markets ecosystem where endless possibilities await.

Driving Markets Forward

Powering Global Capital Markets

250+ companies, including broker-dealers, marketplaces, central securities depositories, clearinghouses and financial regulators in 50 countries, leverage Nasdaq's mission-critical technology solutions.

Delivering Data and Insights

By applying cloud, machine intelligence and advanced analytics to our unique data assets and third-party financial data, we are democratizing data and insights. As businesses undergo digital transformations, we are helping companies find innovative ways of communicating.

Shaping the Marketplace Economy

Through our Nasdaq Ventures program and robust university partnerships, we are discovering and investing in new, transformative technologies.

Where others might see what's right in front of them, we see the underlying ecosystem of markets powered by technology and insights.

Transformative Technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine learning and AI fuel almost everything that we do– from helping customers predict market trends to creating more sophisticated market surveillance capabilities and efficient regulatory programs. Using AI, we create new capabilities for alternative data research, trade surveillance, asset flow predictions and investor relations.


For more than a decade, we have used a multi-cloud approach to improve operational insight and regulatory compliance inside our organization. And, we have offered our customers solutions at speed and scale in risk management, market surveillance, alternative data and analytics, and most recently in trade matching.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Among the first to leverage blockchain in financial markets, we enabled the first ever private securities issuance, and successfully delivered eVoting to central securities depositories, and trade advertising contracts.

DLT Delivers

With DLT, Nasdaq is bringing more secure access, transparency and efficiency to Shareholder Voting and General Meeting Participation.

  • For Market Infrastructure Providers

    Our eVoting solution reduces complexity through end-to-end meeting administration in a single solution with real-time data access to securities holders, holdings and votes. Blockchain technology provides a fully-auditable view with actions recorded in an immutable ledger.

  • For Custodians & Nominee Account Managers

    Our eVoting technology provides hassle-free proxy management and ability for sub-custodians to exchange information with end-beneficiaries in a single solution with STP benefits, reliable KYC processing and ability to add on new services for clients.

  • For Investors

    With easy online access through a single General Meeting account, investors drastically reduce the complexity in accessing and processing information.

  • For Issuers

    Our eVoting solution provides a reliable, real-time channel for information distribution, access to securities holders and holdings, and voting data.

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