SKO Practical Information
  • Is it required that I RSVP? Yes
  • Visas/ESTAs: All employees are responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate visas/ESTAs for entry into the United States
  • Dress Code: Dress code for the SKO is business casual. Ties are not required. Please use your best judgement.
  • Expenses: All food during the SKO days will be paid for centrally. Any other expense payments for your hotel room and flight should be made using your corporate card and coded back to your business code per your usual process.

    Your business controller may have a specific project code they would like you to use for the coding of your expenses. Please check with your manager for business specific project codes.
  • Flights: Your flight to the SKO should be booked using Egencia and you should follow standard Nasdaq guidelines for travel. David Shafer, Head of Security, will be monitoring and approving travel requests and making approvals as needed to allow the max number of Nasdaq employees on a flight. The official Travel Security limitation is that no more than 7 people from Nasdaq should be on the same flight but only 3 from the same reporting line. So please coordinate best possible with your colleagues.
  • Hotel accommodations: Due to the growing size of our group, we have booked two separate room blocks to fulfill all of our needs.  The Roosevelt Hotel is the main hotel where you should book your hotel room.  Once our block is full, an announcement will be made for the overflow hotel.
  • Room Block: Please note that Nasdaq’s room block allows bookings from Tuesday to Thursday, with the expectation of check-out on Friday morning.
  • Friday morning check-out: Please be sure to check-out of your room according to the hotel policy timeframe. Nasdaq will provide a manned baggage and coat check in the Roosevelt Promenade. You should leave your bags here, rather than with the hotel concierge.

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    To confirm your attendance, it is required that you RSVP here by October 23rd.

Nasdaq 2020 SKO: The Year of TRANSFORMATION