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Kenneth Fisher %
James P. O'Shaughnessy %

Detailed Analysis

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The prospective company should have a low Price/Sales ratio. However, REMY's P/S is not available which means an opinion cannot be rendered at the present time on this variable. This is the most important variable according to this methodology, and therefore the remainder of the analysis will be provided for informational purposes.


Less debt equals less risk according to this methodology. The Debt/Equity ratio for REMY is not available currently. Hence, this variable cannot be analyzed at the present time.


This methodology considers companies in the Technology and Medical sectors to be attractive if they have low Price/Research ratios. REMY is neither a Technology nor Medical company. Therefore the Price/Research ratio is not available and, hence, not much emphasis should be placed on this particular variable.

PRELIMINARY GRADE: No Interest in REMY At this Point

Is REMY a "Super Stock"? NO


This methodology looks for companies that have an inflation adjusted EPS growth rate greater than 15%. REMY's inflation adjusted EPS growth rate is not available. Hence, this methodology cannot analyze this criterion at the present time.


This methodology looks for companies that have a positive free cash per share. Companies should have enough free cash available to sustain three years of losses. This is based on the premise that companies without cash will soon be out of business. REMY's free cash per share is not available. Hence, this methodology cannot analyze this variable currently.


This methodology looks for companies that have an average net profit margin of 5% or greater over a three year period. REMY's three year net profit margin average is not available. Hence an opinion cannot be rendered on this criterion at the present.

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