NASDAQ Heatmaps

Heat maps are no longer available. All price and holdings information can be found on our quote & specific ETF pages, accessible from search and our ETF homepage. You can also visit the following pages for the NASDAQ 100 quotes & NASDAQ 100 pre-market.

NASDAQ Heat mapPreviously used exclusively by financial professionals, Heat maps are industry-proven investment tools that synthesize complex data to help you make faster and better trading decisions.

Custom Heat Maps

You can also customize a heat map to view the stocks of your choice. This feature requires a login, which will save your heat map for future use:
Register or Login or if you are already logged-in, access the custom heatmap directly.

What is a Heat map?

Heat maps translate raw, complex financial data into visual maps by presenting live, colorful pictures that dynamically change in real time.

View the Custom Heatmap Tutorial

Benefits of NASDAQ Heatmaps:

  • provides an open view of market activity
  • offers more control over buying and selling decisions
  • allows quick access to information
  • provides a faster and better understanding of information

Try NASDAQ Heatmaps today and see how it allows you to quickly spot opportunities, track trends and manage positions, all at a glance.