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▼ Name ▼ Symbol ▼ Market Cap ▼ ADR TSO ▼ Country ▼ IPO Year ▼ Subsector
Xylem Inc. $6.62B n/a 2011 Fluid Controls
Xunlei Limited $715.21M China 2014 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
Xueda Education Group $187.06M n/a 2010 Other Consumer Services
XTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. $20.38M Israel n/a Major Pharmaceuticals
XRS Corporation $62.31M United States n/a Computer Manufacturing
XPO Logistics, Inc. $2B United States n/a Transportation Services
Xplore Technologies Corp $44.46M United States n/a Computer Manufacturing
Xoom Corporation $850.83M United States 2013 Investment Bankers/Brokers/Service
XOMA Corporation $457.22M United States 1986 Major Pharmaceuticals
XO Group, Inc. $303.05M United States n/a Other Consumer Services
XL Group plc $8.83B Ireland n/a Property-Casualty Insurers
Xinyuan Real Estate Co Ltd $230.27M n/a 2007 Homebuilding
Xilinx, Inc. $11.54B United States 1990 Semiconductors
XG Technology, Inc $47.02M n/a 2013 Telecommunications Equipment
XG Technology, Inc n/a n/a 2013 Telecommunications Equipment
Xerox Corporation $15.27B United States n/a Business Services
Xerium Technologies, Inc. $217.05M n/a 2005 Textiles
XenoPort, Inc. $341.54M United States 2005 Major Pharmaceuticals
Xenith Bankshares, Inc. $77.06M n/a n/a Major Banks
Xencor, Inc. $293.86M n/a 2013 Major Pharmaceuticals
Xcerra Corporation $468.5M United States n/a Electrical Products
Xcel Energy Inc. $15.31B United States n/a Power Generation
*IPO year information is not available for stocks prior to 1970.