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▼ Name ▼ Symbol ▼ Market Cap ▼ ADR TSO ▼ Country ▼ IPO Year ▼ Subsector
Verizon Communications Inc. n/a United States 2014 Telecommunications Equipment
Vital Therapies, Inc. $499.56M n/a 2014 Major Pharmaceuticals
Varonis Systems, Inc. $842.62M United States 2014 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
Versartis, Inc. $448.09M United States 2014 Major Pharmaceuticals
Viper Energy Partners LP $1.39B United States 2014 Oil & Gas Production
Vascular Biogenics Ltd. $304.45M Israel 2014 Major Pharmaceuticals
Veritiv Corporation $782.72M n/a 2014 Paper
VTTI Energy Partners LP $925.75M n/a 2014 Oil Refining/Marketing
Vitae Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $277.56M United States 2014 Major Pharmaceuticals
VWR Corporation $3.26B United States 2014 Diversified Electronic Products
Vectrus, Inc. $291.6M n/a 2014 Diversified Commercial Services
Veritex Holdings, Inc. $123.79M United States 2014 Major Banks
Vivint Solar, Inc. $861.38M n/a 2014 Building Products
Virgin America Inc. $1.56B United States 2014 Air Freight/Delivery Services
Voya Financial, Inc. $9.72B United States 2013 Life Insurance
Violin Memory, Inc. $375.26M n/a 2013 Electronic Components
Veracyte, Inc. $187.03M United States 2013 Medical Specialities
Veeva Systems Inc. $3.8B n/a 2013 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
voxeljet AG $153.26M n/a 2013 Industrial Machinery/Components
Vince Holding Corp. $869.1M n/a 2013 Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores
Valero Energy Partners LP $2.83B n/a 2013 Natural Gas Distribution
Verastem, Inc. $199.65M United States 2012 Major Pharmaceuticals
Virtus Global Multi-Sector Income Fund $178.73M n/a 2012 n/a
Vantiv, Inc. $6.59B n/a 2012 Business Services
Vipshop Holdings Limited $12.54B n/a 2012 Catalog/Specialty Distribution
Vocera Communications, Inc. $235.54M n/a 2012 Telecommunications Equipment
Voya Emerging Markets High Income Dividend Equity Fund $201.85M United States 2011 n/a
VOC Energy Trust $83.81M n/a 2011 Oil & Gas Production
Voya Infrastructure, Industrials and Materials Fund $305.2M United States 2010 n/a
Vera Bradley, Inc. $819.47M United States 2010 Apparel
Verisk Analytics, Inc. $10.6B United States 2009 EDP Services
Vitamin Shoppe, Inc $1.32B n/a 2009 Food Chains
Verso Corporation $122.66M United States 2008 Paper
Voya Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income Fund $147.64M United States 2007 n/a
Virtusa Corporation $1.14B United States 2007 EDP Services
Validus Holdings, Ltd. $3.49B n/a 2007 Property-Casualty Insurers
Vmware, Inc. $32.8B n/a 2007 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
Voya International High Dividend Equity Income Fund $66.2M United States 2007 n/a
VisionChina Media, Inc. $46.21M China 2007 Advertising
Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc. $446.87M United States 2006 Major Pharmaceuticals
Volcano Corporation $926.92M United States 2006 Biotechnology: Electromedical & Electrotherapeutic Apparatus
Vonage Holdings Corp. $895.92M n/a 2006 Telecommunications Equipment
Virtus Total Return Fund $124.42M United States 2005 n/a
Voya Global Equity Dividend and Premium Opportunity Fund $799.9M United States 2005 n/a
Verifone Systems, Inc. $3.53B United States 2005 Office Equipment/Supplies/Services
Vimicro International Corporation $211.66M China 2005 Semiconductors
Voya Global Advantage and Premium Opportunity Fund $207.95M United States 2005 n/a
Verint Systems Inc. $3.25B United States 2002 EDP Services
VCA Inc. $4.46B United States 2001 Farming/Seeds/Milling
Vascular Solutions, Inc. $499.49M United States 2000 Medical/Dental Instruments
*IPO year information is not available for stocks prior to 1970.