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Industry:   Transportation
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▼ Name ▼ Symbol ▼ Market Cap ▼ ADR TSO ▼ Country ▼ IPO Year ▼ Subsector
Safe Bulkers, Inc $498.17M n/a 2008 Marine Transportation
Saia, Inc. $1.24B United States n/a Trucking Freight/Courier Services
Scorpio Bulkers Inc. $661.97M n/a 2013 Marine Transportation
Scorpio Tankers Inc. n/a n/a 2014 Marine Transportation
Scorpio Tankers Inc. $1.37B n/a 2010 Marine Transportation
SEACOR Holdings, Inc. $1.56B United States n/a Marine Transportation
Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp $16.32M Greece n/a Marine Transportation
Seaspan Corporation $1.9B Hong Kong 2005 Marine Transportation
Seaspan Corporation n/a Hong Kong 2014 Marine Transportation
Ship Finance International Limited $1.56B Bermuda n/a Marine Transportation
Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd. $11.29M United States n/a Oil Refining/Marketing
SkyWest, Inc. $442.76M United States 1986 Air Freight/Delivery Services
Southwest Airlines Company $22.78B United States n/a Air Freight/Delivery Services
Spirit Airlines, Inc. $4.62B United States 2011 Air Freight/Delivery Services
Star Bulk Carriers Corp. $929.69M Greece n/a Marine Transportation
StealthGas, Inc. $328.82M Greece 2005 Marine Transportation
Student Transportation Inc $520.65M n/a n/a Other Transportation
Swift Transportation Company $3.17B n/a 2010 Trucking Freight/Courier Services
*IPO year information is not available for stocks prior to 1970.