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▼ Name ▼ Symbol ▼ Market Cap ▼ ADR TSO ▼ Country ▼ IPO Year ▼ Subsector
D.R. Horton, Inc. $9.05B United States n/a Homebuilding
Daegis Inc $13.43M United States n/a Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
Daily Journal Corp. (S.C.) $277.88M United States n/a Newspapers/Magazines
Dakota Plains Holdings, Inc. $109.83M United States n/a Oil Refining/Marketing
Daktronics, Inc. $540.55M United States 1994 Miscellaneous manufacturing industries
Dana Holding Corporation $3.58B n/a n/a Auto Parts:O.E.M.
Danaher Corporation $60.62B United States n/a Industrial Machinery/Components
Danaos Corporation $641.57M n/a 2006 Marine Transportation
DAQO New Energy Corp. $205.06M China 2010 Semiconductors
DARA Biosciences, Inc. $17.14M United States n/a Major Pharmaceuticals
Darden Restaurants, Inc. $7.61B United States n/a Restaurants
Darling Ingredients Inc. $3.02B United States n/a Packaged Foods
Data I/O Corporation $27.04M United States 1981 Electrical Products
Datalink Corporation $299.91M United States 1999 EDP Services
Dataram Corporation $5.57M United States n/a Electronic Components
Datawatch Corporation $95.56M United States 1992 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
Dave & Buster's Entertainment, Inc. $991.64M n/a 2014 Restaurants
DaVita healthCare Partners Inc. $16.32B United States n/a Hospital/Nursing Management
Dawson Geophysical Company $88.48M United States 1981 Oil & Gas Production
Daxor Corporation $26.3M United States n/a Medical/Dental Instruments
DBV Technologies S.A. $840.91M France 2014 Biotechnology: Biological Products (No Diagnostic Substances)
DCP Midstream Partners, LP $4.99B n/a 2005 Natural Gas Distribution
DCT Industrial Trust Inc $2.98B n/a 2006 Real Estate Investment Trusts
DDR Corp. $6.54B United States 1993 Real Estate Investment Trusts
DDR Corp. n/a United States n/a n/a
DDR Corp. n/a United States n/a n/a
Dealertrack Technologies, Inc. $2.48B United States 2005 EDP Services
Dean Foods Company $1.75B United States n/a Specialty Foods
Deckers Outdoor Corporation $3.23B United States 1993 Shoe Manufacturing
Deere & Company $32.29B United States n/a Industrial Machinery/Components
Dehaier Medical Systems Limited $17.41M China 2010 Medical/Dental Instruments
Dejour Energy Inc. $32.76M Canada n/a Oil & Gas Production
Del Frisco's Restaurant Group, Inc. $539.07M United States 2012 Restaurants
Delaware Enhanced Global Dividend $180.53M n/a 2007 n/a
Delaware Investments Colorado Municipal Income Fund, Inc $67.48M United States 1993 n/a
Delaware Investments Dividend & Income Fund, Inc. $92.97M United States 1993 n/a
Delaware Investments Florida Insured Municipal Income Fund $58.73M United States 1993 n/a
Delaware Investments Minnesota Municipal Income Fund II, Inc. $154.21M United States 1993 n/a
Delcath Systems, Inc. $13.4M United States 2000 Medical/Dental Instruments
Delek Logistics Partners, L.P. $838.67M n/a 2012 Natural Gas Distribution
Delek US Holdings, Inc. $1.65B n/a 2006 Integrated oil Companies
dELIA*s Inc. $446635.36 n/a n/a Catalog/Specialty Distribution
Delphi Automotive plc $21.76B n/a 2011 Auto Parts:O.E.M.
Delta Air Lines, Inc. $39.65B United States n/a Air Freight/Delivery Services
Delta Apparel, Inc. $76.5M United States n/a Apparel
Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc. $145.81M United States 1981 Oil & Gas Production
Deltic Timber Corporation $872.68M United States n/a Forest Products
Deluxe Corporation $3.05B United States n/a Publishing
Demand Media Inc. $125.11M n/a 2011 EDP Services
DEMANDWARE, INC. $2.13B n/a 2012 EDP Services
*IPO year information is not available for stocks prior to 1970.