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Name Symbol Market Cap ADR TSO Country IPO Year Subsector
Hawkins, Inc. $387.42M United States n/a Specialty Chemicals
Northern Trust Corporation $386.4M United States n/a n/a
Inogen, Inc $386.32M United States 2014 Industrial Specialties
Capstone Turbine Corporation $385.77M United States 2000 Industrial Machinery/Components
Vanguard Russell 1000 ETF $385.44M United States n/a n/a
Blue Hills Bancorp, Inc. $385.16M n/a 2014 Major Banks
TriCo Bancshares $383.98M United States n/a Major Banks
Nanometrics Incorporated $383.8M United States 1984 Industrial Machinery/Components
Lakeland Bancorp, Inc. $382.93M United States n/a Major Banks
Shoe Carnival, Inc. $382.83M United States 1993 Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores
Senomyx, Inc. $381.21M United States 2004 Biotechnology: Commercial Physical & Biological Resarch
Apco Oil and Gas International Inc. $378.91M United States n/a Oil & Gas Production
Liberty Tax, Inc. $378.74M United States n/a Other Consumer Services
The ExOne Company $378.55M n/a 2013 Industrial Machinery/Components
TG Therapeutics, Inc. $378.54M n/a n/a Major Pharmaceuticals
Baldwin & Lyons, Inc. $375.92M United States n/a Property-Casualty Insurers
CTI BioPharma Corp. $374.83M United States 1997 Major Pharmaceuticals
Durata Therapeutics, Inc. $374.08M United States 2012 Major Pharmaceuticals
Marlin Midstream Partners, LP $373.59M United States 1992 Natural Gas Distribution
Mercury Systems Inc $373.59M United States 1998 Electrical Products
Cascade Bancorp $373.39M United States n/a Major Banks
Geron Corporation $373.38M United States 1996 Major Pharmaceuticals
Intersect ENT, Inc. $372.68M n/a 2014 Medical/Dental Instruments
Sapiens International Corporation N.V. $372.24M Curacao 1992 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
Siliconware Precision Industries Company, Ltd. $370.1M 53,793,247 Taiwan n/a Semiconductors
Quest Resource Holding Corporation. $369.76M United States n/a Diversified Commercial Services
The Bancorp, Inc. $369.55M United States n/a Major Banks
Allot Communications Ltd. $368.88M Israel 2006 Computer Communications Equipment
CECO Environmental Corp. $367.23M United States n/a Pollution Control Equipment
StealthGas, Inc. $367.22M Greece 2005 Marine Transportation
Vanguard Russell 2000 ETF $366.52M United States n/a n/a
Connecticut Water Service, Inc. $366.4M United States n/a Water Supply
Potbelly Corporation $366.11M United States 2013 Restaurants
Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Inc. $364.72M United States 2014 Major Pharmaceuticals
Ovascience Inc. $364.29M United States n/a Major Pharmaceuticals
America First Multifamily Investors, L.P. $363.33M United States n/a Finance: Consumer Services
Dynavax Technologies Corporation $362.78M United States 2004 Major Pharmaceuticals
Internap Network Services Corporation $362.75M United States 1999 Computer Software: Programming, Data Processing
Black Box Corporation $362.3M United States n/a Computer Communications Equipment
Hallador Energy Company $362.23M n/a n/a Coal Mining
Bridge Capital Holdings $361.59M United States n/a Major Banks
Winmark Corporation $361.47M United States n/a Other Specialty Stores
U S Concrete, Inc. $361.21M United States n/a Building Materials
The Bank of Kentucky Financial Corp. $360.9M United States n/a Savings Institutions
German American Bancorp, Inc. $360.78M United States n/a Major Banks
IXYS Corporation $360.56M United States n/a Semiconductors
SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $359.6M United States 1992 Major Pharmaceuticals
Electro Rent Corporation $359.41M United States n/a Diversified Commercial Services
Progenics Pharmaceuticals Inc. $358.21M United States 1997 Major Pharmaceuticals
MainSource Financial Group, Inc. $358.04M United States n/a Major Banks
*IPO year information is not available for stocks prior to 1970.