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Name Symbol Market Cap ADR TSO Country IPO Year Subsector
Quest Resource Holding Corporation. $416.26M United States n/a Diversified Commercial Services
Compugen Ltd. $414.89M Israel 2000 Biotechnology: Biological Products (No Diagnostic Substances)
Great Southern Bancorp, Inc. $414.74M United States 1989 Major Banks
SciQuest, Inc. $414.52M United States 2010 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
EarthLink Holdings Corp. $412.5M United States n/a Computer Software: Programming, Data Processing
WL Ross Holding Corp. $412M United States 2014 Business Services
First Financial Corporation Indiana $410.27M United States n/a Major Banks
Zafgen, Inc. $409.97M United States 2014 Major Pharmaceuticals
Shanda Games Limited $409.05M 61,883,320 China n/a Business Services
Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $408.87M United States 2005 Major Pharmaceuticals
Bryn Mawr Bank Corporation $406.57M United States n/a Major Banks
Apco Oil and Gas International Inc. $405.41M United States n/a Oil & Gas Production
Intra-Cellular Therapies Inc. $405.1M n/a n/a Major Pharmaceuticals
Pendrell Corporation $404.23M United States n/a Multi-Sector Companies
EMC Insurance Group Inc. $403.93M United States 1982 Property-Casualty Insurers
Stock Building Supply Holdings, Inc. $402.91M United States 2013 RETAIL: Building Materials
GSI Group, Inc. $401.33M United States n/a Industrial Machinery/Components
Control4 Corporation $400.55M United States 2013 Electrical Products
Siliconware Precision Industries Company, Ltd. $398.29M 54,484,997 Taiwan n/a Semiconductors
Donegal Group, Inc. $397.72M United States n/a Property-Casualty Insurers
CareTrust REIT, Inc. $396.11M United States n/a Real Estate Investment Trusts
Silver Eagle Acquisition Corp. $396.09M United States 2013 Business Services
Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $395.86M United States 2014 Major Pharmaceuticals
Weibo Corporation $391.2M 20,000,000 China 2014 Computer Software: Programming, Data Processing
Nanometrics Incorporated $390.94M United States 1984 Industrial Machinery/Components
LGI Homes, Inc. $389.73M United States 2013 Homebuilding
Prothena Corporation plc $389.69M United States n/a Major Pharmaceuticals
CTI BioPharma Corp. $389.56M United States 1997 Major Pharmaceuticals
ShoreTel, Inc. $389.53M United States 2007 Telecommunications Equipment
Lakeland Bancorp, Inc. $388.6M United States n/a Major Banks
Geron Corporation $387.64M United States 1996 Major Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $386.57M United States 2002 Catalog/Specialty Distribution
Quality Distribution, Inc. $385.25M United States 2003 Trucking Freight/Courier Services
FormFactor, Inc. $384.95M United States 2003 Semiconductors
LHC Group $384.18M United States 2005 Medical/Nursing Services
Dynavax Technologies Corporation $382.98M United States 2004 Major Pharmaceuticals
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. $382.65M United States 1999 Business Services
Waterstone Financial, Inc. $381.53M United States n/a Savings Institutions
Immersion Corporation $379.26M United States 1999 Computer peripheral equipment
Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. $379.21M United States 2012 Major Pharmaceuticals
Wi-Lan Inc $377.71M n/a n/a Multi-Sector Companies
JA Solar Holdings, Co., Ltd. $377.62M 40,912,532 China 2007 Semiconductors
FairPoint Communications, Inc. $377.54M United States n/a Telecommunications Equipment
Hallador Energy Company $376.9M n/a n/a Coal Mining
CenterState Banks, Inc. $376.72M United States n/a Major Banks
Electro Rent Corporation $376.2M United States n/a Diversified Commercial Services
Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp. $374.96M United States 2007 Major Pharmaceuticals
Sungy Mobile Limited $374.81M China 2013 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
Pacific Ethanol, Inc. $373.09M United States n/a Major Chemicals
Vanguard Russell 2000 ETF $373.02M United States n/a n/a
*IPO year information is not available for stocks prior to 1970.