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Name Symbol Market Cap ADR TSO Country IPO Year Subsector
1-800 FLOWERS.COM, Inc. $460.77M United States 1999 Other Specialty Stores
1st Source Corporation $753.81M United States n/a Major Banks
21Vianet Group, Inc. $821.79M 46,959,699 China 2011 Computer Software: Programming, Data Processing
2U, Inc. $728.54M United States 2014 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
51job, Inc. $834.45M 23,638,812 China 2004 Diversified Commercial Services
8x8 Inc $711.22M United States n/a Telecommunications Equipment
A V Homes, Inc. $323.72M United States n/a Homebuilding
A. Schulman, Inc. $1.04B United States 1972 Major Chemicals
AAON, Inc. $1.24B United States n/a Industrial Machinery/Components
ABAXIS, Inc. $1.36B United States 1992 Industrial Machinery/Components
Abengoa Yield plc $2.8B United Kingdom 2014 Electric Utilities: Central
Abengoa, S.A. $126.61M 8,131,560 Spain 2013 Military/Government/Technical
ABIOMED, Inc. $1.58B United States n/a Medical/Dental Instruments
Acacia Research Corporation $662.6M United States n/a Multi-Sector Companies
Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc. $3.64B United States n/a Medical Specialities
ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc. $3.16B United States 2004 Major Pharmaceuticals
Accuray Incorporated $540.28M United States 2007 Medical/Dental Instruments
Aceto Corporation $568.8M United States n/a Specialty Chemicals
Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $1.55B United States 2006 Major Pharmaceuticals
ACI Worldwide, Inc. $2.15B United States n/a Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. $1.83B United States 2006 Biotechnology: Biological Products (No Diagnostic Substances)
Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd. $70.78M 37,057,602 China 2005 Semiconductors
Activision Blizzard, Inc $14.72B United States n/a Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
Actua Corporation $667.97M United States n/a EDP Services
Acxiom Corporation $1.46B United States n/a EDP Services
Addus HomeCare Corporation $253.76M United States 2009 Medical/Nursing Services
Adobe Systems Incorporated $35.61B United States 1986 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
ADTRAN, Inc. $1.21B United States 1994 Telecommunications Equipment
Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. $989.18M United States 1995 Industrial Machinery/Components
Advent Software, Inc. $1.96B United States 1995 EDP Services
Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $700.66M United States 2010 Major Pharmaceuticals
Aegion Corp $602.59M United States n/a Water Supply
AEP Industries Inc. $269.42M United States 1986 Specialty Chemicals
AeroVironment, Inc. $595.41M United States 2007 Aerospace
Affymetrix, Inc. $814.57M United States 1996 Biotechnology: Laboratory Analytical Instruments
Agilysys, Inc. $245.71M United States n/a EDP Services
Agios Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $4.66B United States 2013 Major Pharmaceuticals
Air Methods Corporation $1.69B United States n/a Transportation Services
Air Transport Services Group, Inc $565.63M United States n/a Air Freight/Delivery Services
AirMedia Group Inc $104.11M 43,199,344 China 2007 Advertising
Aixtron SE $54.87M 6,571,370 Germany n/a Industrial Machinery/Components
Akamai Technologies, Inc. $10.73B United States 1999 Business Services
Akorn, Inc. $4.64B United States n/a Major Pharmaceuticals
Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc. $81.25M United States 1999 Telecommunications Equipment
Albany Molecular Research, Inc. $528.88M United States 1999 Biotechnology: Commercial Physical & Biological Resarch
Alcentra Capital Corp. $175.18M United States 2014 n/a
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $35.76B United States 1996 Major Pharmaceuticals
Alico, Inc. $379.2M United States n/a Farming/Seeds/Milling
Align Technology, Inc. $4.72B United States 2001 Industrial Specialties
Alkermes plc $10.32B Ireland 1991 Major Pharmaceuticals
*IPO year information is not available for stocks prior to 1970.