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Name Symbol Market Cap ADR TSO Country IPO Year Subsector
Ark Restaurants Corp. $70.73M United States n/a Restaurants
Arkansas Best Corporation $1.01B United States 1992 Trucking Freight/Courier Services
ARM Holdings plc $6.39B 127,445,890 United Kingdom n/a Semiconductors
Arotech Corporation $77.8M United States 1994 Industrial Machinery/Components
ArQule, Inc. $109.17M United States 1996 Major Pharmaceuticals
Array BioPharma Inc. $474.22M United States 2000 Major Pharmaceuticals
ARRIS Group, Inc. $3.81B United States n/a Radio And Television Broadcasting And Communications Equipment
Arrow Financial Corporation $324.59M United States n/a Major Banks
Arrowhead Research Corporation $612.82M United States n/a Biotechnology: Commercial Physical & Biological Resarch
Artesian Resources Corporation $199.14M United States n/a Water Supply
ArthroCare Corporation $1.68B United States 1996 Biotechnology: Electromedical & Electrotherapeutic Apparatus
Art's-Way Manufacturing Co., Inc. $24.4M United States n/a Industrial Machinery/Components
Aruba Networks, Inc. $2.25B United States 2007 Computer peripheral equipment
ASB Bancorp, Inc. $89.21M United States 2011 Savings Institutions
Ascena Retail Group, Inc. $2.76B United States n/a Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores
Ascent Capital Group, Inc. $947.88M United States n/a Other Consumer Services
Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. $37.13M United States n/a Semiconductors
Asia Pacific Wire & Cable Corporation Limited $36.06M Taiwan n/a Telecommunications Equipment
ASM International N.V. $110.29M 2,759,246 Netherlands n/a Industrial Machinery/Components
ASML Holding N.V. $7.45B 91,263,480 Netherlands 1995 Industrial Machinery/Components
Aspen Technology, Inc. $3.76B United States 1994 EDP Services
Associated Banc-Corp $2.88B United States n/a Major Banks
Associated Banc-Corp n/a United States n/a Major Banks
Asta Funding, Inc. $107.69M United States 1995 Finance Companies
Astea International, Inc. $6.89M United States 1995 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
Astec Industries, Inc. $948.98M United States 1986 Construction/Ag Equipment/Trucks
Astro-Med, Inc. $93.16M United States 1983 Computer peripheral equipment
Astronics Corporation $835.82M United States n/a Military/Government/Technical
Astrotech Corporation $53.07M United States n/a Military/Government/Technical
Asure Software Inc $37.52M United States n/a EDP Services
ATA Inc. $48.04M 12,381,579 China 2008 Other Consumer Services
athenahealth, Inc. $5.08B United States 2007 Business Services
Athens Bancshares Corporation $40.64M United States 2010 Savings Institutions
Athersys, Inc. $225.3M United States n/a Major Pharmaceuticals
Atlantic American Corporation $74.58M United States n/a Life Insurance
Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation $64.36M United States n/a Savings Institutions
Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. $1.04B United States n/a Telecommunications Equipment
Atlanticus Holdings Corporation $39.53M United States 1995 Finance: Consumer Services
Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings $897.38M United States n/a Transportation Services
Atlas Financial Holdings, Inc. $138.37M United States 2013 Property-Casualty Insurers
Atmel Corporation $3.35B United States 1991 Semiconductors
ATMI Inc. $1.13B United States 1993 Major Chemicals
Atossa Genetics Inc. $33.22M n/a 2012 Medical/Dental Instruments
AtriCure, Inc. $460.88M United States 2005 Medical/Dental Instruments
ATRION Corporation $576.03M United States n/a Medical/Dental Instruments
Attunity Ltd. $140.62M Israel n/a Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
Auburn National Bancorporation, Inc. $85.1M United States n/a Major Banks
Audience, Inc. $278.04M United States 2012 Semiconductors
AudioCodes Ltd. $307.58M Israel 1999 Telecommunications Equipment
Auspex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $540.91M United States 2014 Major Pharmaceuticals
*IPO year information is not available for stocks prior to 1970.