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Name Symbol Market Cap ADR TSO Country IPO Year Subsector
JA Solar Holdings, Co., Ltd. $347.36M 43,257,365 China 2007 Semiconductors, Inc. $11.54B 468,743,207 China 2014 Other Specialty Stores International Ltd. $57.75M 11,955,534 China 2011 EDP Services
Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd $2.01M 714,375 China 2010 EDP Services
KongZhong Corporation $182.78M 31,954,272 China n/a Telecommunications Equipment
Ku6 Media Co., Ltd. $16.33M 15,857,220 China n/a Telecommunications Equipment
Materialise NV $83.9M 9,200,000 Belgium 2014 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
Mazor Robotics Ltd. $134.29M 10,322,324 Israel n/a Medical/Dental Instruments
Mecox Lane Limited $14.14M 4,547,706 China 2010 Apparel
Melco Crown Entertainment Limited $4.51B 181,739,281 Hong Kong 2006 Hotels/Resorts
MOL Global, Inc. $56.83M 19,461,078 Malaysia 2014 Business Services
Momo Inc. $192.48M 16,000,000 China 2014 n/a
NetEase, Inc. $7.55B 74,494,639 China n/a Business Services
NICE-Systems Limited $1.91B 37,577,980 Israel n/a Computer Manufacturing
Novogen Limited $6.07M 2,528,431 Australia n/a Major Pharmaceuticals
O2Micro International Limited $72.4M 33,209,492 Cayman Islands n/a Semiconductors
Ossen Innovation Co., Ltd. $5.94M 6,061,459 China 2010 Steel/Iron Ore
Partner Communications Company Ltd. $71.64M 13,366,242 Israel n/a Telecommunications Equipment
Perfect World Co., Ltd. $695.95M 44,384,421 China 2007 Business Services
Prana Biotechnology Ltd $57.88M 33,264,025 Australia n/a Major Pharmaceuticals
QIWI plc $732.68M 35,090,033 Cyprus 2013 Business Services
Randgold Resources Limited $3.23B 49,648,227 Jersey n/a Precious Metals
Redhill Biopharma Ltd. $28.34M 2,319,202 Israel n/a Major Pharmaceuticals India Limited $19.43M 9,295,956 India n/a Newspapers/Magazines
Ryanair Holdings plc $7.71B 112,316,349 Ireland 1997 Air Freight/Delivery Services
Shanda Games Limited $352.12M 61,883,320 China n/a Business Services
Shire plc $10.86B 51,894,839 Ireland n/a Major Pharmaceuticals
Sify Technologies Limited $34.63M 25,097,275 India n/a Computer Software: Programming, Data Processing
Silicon Motion Technology Corporation $800.51M 33,776,912 Taiwan 2005 Semiconductors
Siliconware Precision Industries Company, Ltd. $403.34M 52,724,738 Taiwan n/a Semiconductors
Sky Solar Holdings, Ltd. $66.3M 6,000,000 Hong Kong 2014 n/a
Sky-mobi Limited $53.05M 12,971,272 China 2010 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
Tarena International, Inc. $159.58M 15,300,000 China 2014 Other Consumer Services
The9 Limited $32.63M 18,971,530 China 2004 Business Services
Trinity Biotech plc $399.45M 23,524,880 Ireland 1992 Biotechnology: In Vitro & In Vivo Diagnostic Substances
UBIC, Inc. $2.12M 157,040 n/a 2013 EDP Services
Vimicro International Corporation $156M 24,567,213 China 2005 Semiconductors
VimpelCom Ltd. $7.16B 1,756,731,135 Netherlands n/a Telecommunications Equipment
VisionChina Media, Inc. $40.74M 3,962,522 China 2007 Advertising
Vodafone Group Plc $16.87B 486,784,296 United Kingdom n/a Telecommunications Equipment
Weibo Corporation $284.97M 19,320,000 China 2014 Computer Software: Programming, Data Processing
WPP plc $1.08B 10,247,277 Ireland n/a Advertising
XTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. $5.23M 2,366,990 Israel n/a Major Pharmaceuticals
Xunlei Limited $61.49M 8,412,250 China 2014 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
YY Inc. $2.41B 36,944,024 China 2012 EDP Services
*IPO year information is not available for stocks prior to 1970.