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Name Symbol Market Cap ADR TSO Country IPO Year Subsector
21Vianet Group, Inc. $924.93M 46,246,275 China 2011 Computer Software: Programming, Data Processing
51job, Inc. $742.79M 23,550,740 China 2004 Diversified Commercial Services
Abengoa, S.A. $217.02M 7,920,550 Spain 2013 Military/Government/Technical
Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd. $86.71M 37,057,602 China 2005 Semiconductors
AirMedia Group Inc $76.03M 43,199,344 China 2007 Advertising
Aixtron SE $85.21M 6,504,406 Germany n/a Industrial Machinery/Components
Alto Palermo S.A. $39.28M 1,870,591 Argentina n/a Building operators
Amarin Corporation PLC $215.11M 165,472,024 Ireland n/a Major Pharmaceuticals
America Movil, S.A.B. de C.V. $271.59M 10,498,083 Mexico n/a Telecommunications Equipment
ARM Holdings plc $5.9B 127,712,146 United Kingdom n/a Semiconductors
ASM International N.V. $91.86M 2,512,424 Netherlands n/a Industrial Machinery/Components
ASML Holding N.V. $8.17B 81,053,335 Netherlands 1995 Industrial Machinery/Components
ATA Inc. $55.88M 12,672,079 China 2008 Other Consumer Services
Baidu, Inc. $62.26B 276,812,590 China 2005 Computer Software: Programming, Data Processing
BioLineRx Ltd. $28.38M 18,190,295 n/a n/a Major Pharmaceuticals
Bona Film Group Limited $178.3M 27,728,634 China 2010 Movies/Entertainment
Celsus Therapeutics Plc $22.82M 3,907,272 United States n/a Major Pharmaceuticals Limited $293.95M 12,217,343 China 2009 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
Charm Communications Inc. $44.33M 9,575,257 China 2010 Advertising
China Finance Online Co. Limited $137.5M 18,163,401 China 2004 Business Services
China Lodging Group, Limited $746.97M 28,930,080 China 2010 Hotels/Resorts
China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group Limited $354.37M 13,902,457 n/a n/a Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
China Sunergy Co., Ltd. $34.22M 10,727,958 China 2007 Semiconductors
China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited $42.77M 32,899,333 China 2005 Business Services
ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. $204.43M 15,557,832 China 2010 EDP Services
CNinsure Inc. $218.27M 35,148,669 China 2007 Specialty Insurers
Cresud S.A.C.I.F. y A. $539.28M 46,690,480 Argentina 1997 Real Estate
Criteo S.A. $1.01B 29,597,163 France 2013 Advertising
CSR plc $28.48M 570,305 n/a n/a Semiconductors International, Ltd. $9.16B 151,096,632 China 2003 Business Services
EDAP TMS S.A. $38.93M 25,115,848 France 1997 Biotechnology: Electromedical & Electrotherapeutic Apparatus
eLong, Inc. $218.55M 12,141,544 China 2004 Transportation Services
Ericsson $2.71B 207,347,538 Sweden n/a Radio And Television Broadcasting And Communications Equipment
Flamel Technologies S.A. $355.12M 24,043,290 France 1996 Major Pharmaceuticals
Formula Systems (1985) Ltd. $20.4M 755,443 Israel n/a EDP Services
Genetic Technologies Ltd $5.36M 9,606,574 n/a n/a Biotechnology: Biological Products (No Diagnostic Substances)
GRAVITY Co., Ltd. $10.61M 13,095,692 South Korea 2005 Business Services
Grifols, S.A. $3.54B 94,626,527 Spain n/a Major Pharmaceuticals
Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte S.A.B. de C.V. $276.12M 7,985,007 Mexico 2006 Aerospace
Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A. $505.4M 35,491,571 Argentina n/a Commercial Banks
GW Pharmaceuticals Plc $1.01B 11,670,733 United Kingdom 2013 Major Pharmaceuticals
Hanwha SolarOne Co., Ltd. $142.49M 55,015,250 China n/a Semiconductors
Himax Technologies, Inc. $916.37M 102,387,964 Taiwan 2006 Semiconductors
Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc. $1.1B 36,523,664 China n/a Hotels/Resorts
Hong Kong Television Network Limited $22.91M 3,502,526 Hong Kong n/a Telecommunications Equipment
iDreamSky Technology Limited $156.85M 7,700,000 China 2014 Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
iKang Healthcare Group, Inc. $245M 11,933,958 China 2014 Medical/Nursing Services
Innocoll AG $45.14M 6,686,984 Ireland 2014 Major Pharmaceuticals
Internet Initiative Japan, Inc. $24.91M 2,384,190 Japan n/a Computer Software: Programming, Data Processing
JA Solar Holdings, Co., Ltd. $426.52M 43,257,365 China 2007 Semiconductors
*IPO year information is not available for stocks prior to 1970.