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NASDAQ MarketSite Video Wall


  • The NASDAQ Video Wall is located within NASDAQ's Broadcast studio facing Times Square. Like NASDAQ's seven-story Tower, the Video Wall has become a modern day icon and a symbol of the electronic market. By utilizing the latest technology, journalists conducting reports from NASDAQ can illustrate market patterns, post data and illustrate stock market developments throughout the day to their viewers.


  • The NASDAQ Video Wall consists of 96 multimedia screens.
  • The Wall spans 47 feet long and 16 feet high.
  • Charts and graphs on demand, including but not limited to:
    a) Market summary
    b) Index and issue intraday
    c) The NASDAQ-100 Index
    d) NASDAQ indices
    e) Pre-market opening prices
    f) Closing prices
  • All data shown on the wall is updated in real time including all US domestic equity markets.
  • Images can be scaled to span multiple cubes.
  • Capable of providing historical data from the past year.
  • Additional approved images including still and moving video can be displayed on the wall in various formats.
  • The Video Wall can accommodate multiple shots at one time from both the mezzanine area and the floor.
  • Wall and broadcast team works with the reporters and networks to accommodate their needs.