Customize My NASDAQ

Use daily! Create your own My NASDAQ custom home page with your 10 favorite stocks. In three easy steps, you can create a custom page for stock quotes, charts and news. After completing your registration, your My NASDAQ home page is available each time you return.

Two ways to register:

Cookie: My NASDAQ information will be saved on this computer only.
Sign In: My NASDAQ information can be accessed from any computer.

Step 1: Enter Your 10 Favorite NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX Symbols

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Step 2: Designate Your Charting Preferences

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Step 3: Configure "My Links"

You may display up to four links on your My NASDAQ page. They can be links on or links to other sites, such as your broker. The links listed below are the default choices. You can change both the Titles and the URLs in the boxes below.

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Step 4: Save Your Settings

Your settings will be saved in a “cookie” on your computer. As long as you accept “cookies”, you will not need to re-enter the symbols upon your next visit.