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MarketBrowser Brings MarketBrowser Plus To Your Desktop!
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MarketBrowser is a sophisticated charting tool for investors that utilize in-depth technical analysis. Delivering updated market information on your stocks or mutual funds continuously, MarketBrowser provides a wealth of flexibility with its customized charting environment and three different views.

The NASDAQ MarketBrowser Plus provides dynamic charting that you can customize.
You can view up to 36 charts in one screen and customize each stock chart individually zoom in on a specific time period for one, add the scrolling data cursor for another, or overlay sophisticated technical analysis such as Bollinger bands and moving averages. This kind of flexibility helps you monitor trends and analyze your current buying and selling opportunities.

MarketBrowser Chart View
Chart View

Minimize MarketBrowser, but stay informed with little dedicated screen real estate.
The MarketBar View conveniently nestles at the bottom or top of your screen, and provides at-a-glance updates on your most important investments throughout the day.

MarketBrowser MarketBar View
MarketBar View

For an overview of your entire portfolio, the Monitor View displays just the basics.
Stay informed with current price information for all your preferred instruments and expand into the chart view as needed.

MarketBrowser Monitor View
Monitor View

You are never too far from's great content. MarketBrowser provides convenient links for news, quotes, fundamental research, pre-market quotes, analyst research, plus much more.

MarketBrowser is fully compatible with all Windows applications, such as Word or Excel. You can save your work in a worksheet and send it to a friend to share your ideas, and even export data and graphical bitmaps.

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Notes Regarding Installation
  • The name of the file you are downloading is "mbzzza4p.exe". This is a program that will install MarketBrowser on your computer. Note: It is important not to change the name of this file.
  • MarketBrowser Plus is available free of charge for 14 days. After that period certain features are available by subscription only.
  • Internet Explorer Users: If you are downloading using Internet Explorer, the simplest way to download MarketBrowser is to choose "Run this program from its current location" or for IE 6.0+ users choose to "Open" the file, when prompted. This will download and install MarketBrowser in one step.
  • Netscape Users: If you are downloading using Netscape Navigator:
    1. Save "mbzzza4p.exe" on your machine when prompted.
    2. Find and run the installer by double-clicking on it.
  • MarketBrowser is available for Windows 95, 98, Millennium (Me), NT 4.0, 2000 and XP only.
  • During the installation process you will be prompted for your email address so that Leading Market Technologies can contact you for product or feature updates. If you are concerned about privacy, please visit Leading Market Technologies' privacy policy page.
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