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Broadcast Capabilities

NASDAQ MarketSite Broadcast Capabilities

  • Based in the heart of Times Square, the NASDAQ MarketSite is a fully equipped broadcast studio capable of a variety of production needs.
  • Capabilities include anything from a taped, single-camera shot, to a live, fully switched, multi-camera production.
  • Live or taped shots can be sent out over one of our 16 fiber-optic lines to US networks, or via satellite, to virtually any location in the world.
  • NASDAQ broadcast studio also includes six fully functional booths within our Mezzanine area equipped with a robotic camera. The NASDAQ Video Wall is the backdrop, providing a second backdrop to supplement the floor.
  • NASDAQ has multiple hand-held cameras, providing the capability to broadcast from different locations. We often use MarketSite's "Drum Area", an open area on the second floor overlooking Times Square, for different camera shots and customized needs.
  • The NASDAQ also has broadcast capabilities on its Tower overlooking Times Square. The NASDAQ MarketSite Tower is the largest stationary video screen in the world. It stands seven stories tall--approximately 1/4 acre, 10,000 square feet of signage. NASDAQ showcases the reporters who deliver market reports around the world from our broadcast facility over the NASDAQ Tower, during interviews and throughout the day with featured spots.

NASDAQ MarketSite has a fully digital television studio including the following features:

  • 14 robotic cameras
  • a three bus video switcher
  • Philips DD-35 2 ME switcher
  • 16 wireless microphones and IFB receivers and 14 dedicated telephone lines.
  • Pinnacle Deko 2200 Character generator
  • Pinnacle Lightining Still-store
  • Pinnacle Alladin DVE
  • 5 Hitachi Z-3000W Cameras
  • 6 Hitachi HV-D1
  • 3 Hitachi HV-D5W
  • 3 Vinten Autocam stations
  • 1 Sony PVW-2800 Beta SP deck
  • 3 Philips DCR-950 DVC PRO 50 decks
  • 32x8 Mackie audio mixer
  • 16 Sennheiser Sk-50 UHF wireless mics
  • 16 Comtek wireless IFB receivers.
  • 14 dedicated telephone lines.
  • 10 dedicated outbound Fiber-optic lines
  • 5 outbound Fiber-optic lines to Ascent Media (Waterfront)
  • 1 inbound Fiber-optic line to Ascent media (Waterfront)