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Avenue Q Broadway Cast Rings the NASDAQ Opening Bell
July 14, 2008 - Avenue Q Broadway Cast
About this Marketsite Event:
Avenue Q, winner of the 2004 Tony Award for Best Musical, visits The NASDAQ Stock Market. Avenue Q will celebrate its 5th birthday on Broadway at the Golden Theatre (252 W. 45 St.) on July 31, 2008. In honor of the occasion, the Broadway cast members Howie Michael Smith, Christian Anderson, Carey Anderson, Sharon Wheatley, and Steven Booth preside over the Opening Bell.

About Avenue Q:

A hilarious musical with a cast comprised of both people AND puppets, AVENUE Q is the story of a bunch of 20-somethings, fresh out of college, who move to New York City with big dreams and tiny bank accounts. They live on the same block in an outer borough in NY, that place you move when you can't afford to live anyplace else. As they acclimate to life in NY, these friends and neighbors learn important grown-up life lessons about relationships, sex, racism, unemployment and surfing the internet for porn.

AVENUE Q enjoys success outside NY, as well, with a company now on U.S. national tour and a production in London.

Among the colorful (literally) characters who live on AVENUE Q and in attendance at the ringing of the bell:

  • Rod, a nattily-dressed, buttoned-up investment banker on Wall Street for several years, is a Republican and harbors a tremendous passion for Broadway musicals. Rod will be portrayed by actor Howie Michael Smith.
  • An avid fan of pornography on the Internet, Trekkie is a savvy investor who boasts having made 10,000 million dollars in the market. He also has a big heart and generous soul and donates money to help a fellow monster friend open a Monster- sorri School on AVENUE Q. Trekkie Monster will be portrayed by actor Christian Anderson.
  • Lucy, a voluptuous cabaret singer and avowed home wrecker, has her eye on every man on AVENUE Q. Men love her. Their wives and girlfriends feel considerably less benevolent towards her. Lucy will be portrayed by actress Carey Anderson.
  • Mrs. T is a kindergarten school teacher with an unfortunate prejudice against the Monsters like Trekkie who live on AVENUE Q. Mrs. T is a classic school teacher who rules her pupils with an iron fist. Mrs. T will be portrayed by actress Sharon Wheatley.
  • Princeton is a fresh-faced, wide-eyed recent college graduate. Princeton moves to AVENUE Q, ready to face the world, only to realize he has yet to figure out his purpose in life. His world turns upside down when he meets and falls in love with his neighbor Kate Monster -- and then breaks up with her because he's scared of making a commitment. Princeton will be portrayed by the actor Steven Booth.
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