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Latin Singer Mayra Veronica rings the NASDAQ Closing Bell
July 02, 2008 - Latin Singer Mayra Veronica
About this Marketsite Event:
Latin singer Mayra Veronica presides over the Closing Bell in honor of her work with The United Service Organizations Inc. Mayra is joined at the podium by Edward Reilly, Vice Chair of the USO Worldwide Board of Governors.

About Mayra Veronica:

United States Military favorite Pin Up and International Recording artist Mayra Veronica has graced countless magazine covers and has been honored as one of the most beautiful women in the world, but it is her desire to bring awareness to those in need that truly qualifies her as beautiful.

Even though Mayra was raised in this country, she has lived with the effects of political and economic difficulties from the moment she was a Cuban child immigrant seeking refuge. She has lived through food shortages hinging on governmental chaos, and has seen firsthand the effects of war on those who fight it with such dignity and hope. Because of this, Mayra has joined forces with the USO in helping to secure a better future for all children and to lend support to our troops.

Mayra Veronica's work with the USO began in 2007 when she was asked to do a USO tour during Thanksgiving week with the purpose of boosting morale for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since then, she has decided to create awareness about the organization by attending fundraisers, donating full merchandising proceeds, visiting wounded troops at our military bases, and speaking publicly about the importance of Hollywood Entertainers to volunteer and help boost morale through the USO Tour Program abroad.

Because of her undying love for the children of the world, Mayra Veronica is currently exploring opportunities to support UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, with the hope of engaging and educating communities about the obstacles that children face every day and raising awareness about the global issues that are threatening children. Mayra knows that anything she can do to help in the understanding of the struggles that children face in the world today, sets the groundwork to a brighter future.

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