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Guru Analysis is a group of nine stock evaluation methodologies based upon the published analysis techniques of well known investment advisors and other popular sources.

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What is Guru Analysis?

An individual stock is subjected to the evaluation techniques of each of these nine methodologies and a percentage score is calculated for each, depending upon how well the stock matches the criteria of the methodology — the higher the percent score, the better the fit. A more detailed explanation for each guru analysis of the stock can then be selected.

Why Investors Care

Investors like Guru Analysis because it is a quick and very understandable stock screening approach. The guru methodologies are well known and easily researched in the media, at bookstores and libraries. Investors may screen a stock for the highest number of scores over a chosen percentage amount. Another common approach is to screen a stock for the highest percentage score from the guru that most closely matches the investor's individual philosophy or risk tolerance. Either way, the Guru Analysis feature provides a very popular screening technique.

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