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The Stock Consultant area provides advanced statistical analysis of price & volume activity, bullish & bearish indicators, indicators for positioning trades, and indicators for positioning trade entry and exit points.

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Symbol Last Sale* Change / Net % Share Volume
Apple Inc.
$ 128.95 3.80 ▲ 3.04% 54,914,450
Microsoft Corporation
$ 48.655 0.02 ▲ 0.03% 35,690,832
PowerShares QQQ Trust, Series 1
$ 109.05 1.42 ▲ 1.32% 30,310,943
Sirius XM Holdings Inc.
$ 3.93 0.02 ▼ 0.51% 29,157,741
Applied Materials, Inc.
$ 19.98 0.19 ▲ 0.96% 27,142,012
As of 5/1/2015 4:15:00 PM

About the Stock Consultant Page:

The Stock Consultant area uses accepted technical analysis algorithms used within the professional investment community.

Data Definitions

Term Definition
Intermediate Trend A 4-month trend signaling short-term bottoms, tops, and trend reversals.
Overbought/Oversold A 1 to 2 month indicator designed to show the potential for major rallies/pullbacks.
1 Month Trend Shows the magnitude of a trend over the past month.
Short Term Duration Shows the magnitude of recent 3 days to 2 week rallies and pullbacks.
1-Day Price Change The magnitude of the recent 1-day price change compared to recent daily price changes.

Why Investors Care

Many investors find that technical analysis adds another strong tool to their investment decision-making process.

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