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The Price/Earnings Ratio (or PE Ratio) is a widely used stock evaluation measure. For a security, the Price/Earnings Ratio is given by dividing the Last Sale Price by the Average EPS (Earnings Per Share) Estimate for the specified fiscal time period.

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$ 23.21 0.18 ▲ 0.78% 47,526,126
$ 23.91 1.43 ▲ 6.36% 44,660,424
$ 4.289 0.18 ▲ 4.36% 38,799,699
As of 4/17/2014 4:00:00 PM

About the P/E Ratio Page:

The P/E Ratio charts provide the investor with an instant graphic representation of the analyst forecasts over the next three fiscal year reporting periods, and compare these to the most recent fiscal years actual price/earnings ratio. The P/E ratios in the three out years are a consensus average of those analysts reporting on the stock

Why Investors Care

Investors use the future P/E ratio analyst forecasts as tool to time buy and sell decisions for the stock. A rising future P/E consensus may indicate a buying opportunity. A falling consensus may indicate the opposite.

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