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Our interactive stock charts offer a dynamic alternative to our basic stock charts, with features like click & drag interaction, event indicators, and right-click interactivity.

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Symbol Last Sale* Change / Net % Share Volume
$ 112.01 0.53 ▼ 0.47% 14,479,611
$ 528.77 1.82 ▼ 0.34% 704,035
$ 2.36 0.05 ▲ 2.16% 351,154
$ 17.98 0.05 ▲ 0.28% 35,091,254
As of 12/24/2014 10:53:36 PM

About the Interactive Charts Page

The default chart is 1 year Mountain chart for an individual stock. The intervals (aside from the Intraday) are for 1 day, 5 days, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 2 years and 5 years. Additionally you can select "max" which is all of the data that is available for the selected stock (if the company has 10 years of price and volume data available). They "ytd" selection displays the year to date performance. The historical charts include the last sale from the current day. This feature enables you to quickly contextualize today's performance with the past.

Please review our interactive charting FAQ area.

The interactive charts have many new features including:

  • Click & Drag Interaction (Quickly move backwards and forwards in the charting application)

  • Chart Event Indicators (Including: Splits, Dividends, Earnings, Major SEC filings, Insider)

  • Quick Comparison (Utilizes your symbol list to pre-populate single-click access to comparison charts)

  • Customizable views (Including: OHLC, Candlesticks, and line charts)

  • Right-click interactivity (Including: Displaying the underlying data and printing the chart)

Why Investors Care

Investors look closely at trends to make a judgment about the current a future direction of a stock. It is often easier to determine a stock trend by looking at a chart of stock prices over a period of time, along with the total volume generated during the trading day in relation to the closing price for the day.

Data Provider

Source: Edgar Online, Inc. Data supplied by ILX Systems, Inc.

Update Schedule

15-20 minute delay for intraday charts. Daily for historical charts.

Data Definitions

Term Definition
Chart Range The period of time covered by the chart. The shortest is intraday and the longest is 10 years.
Chart Range The period of time covered by the chart. The shortest is intraday and the longest is 10 years.
Chart Elements Provides the charting options available to the user, from the standard Price/Volume representation to comparisons and moving averages.
Volume The closing daily official volumes represented graphically for each trading day.
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