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The Estimate Momentum page provides a graphic representation of the changes analysts have made in their forecasts over time.

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Symbol Last Sale* Change / Net % Share Volume
Apple Inc.
$ 112.34 4.62 ▲ 4.29% 57,618,289
PowerShares QQQ Trust, Series 1
$ 103.90 2.85 ▲ 2.82% 39,627,764
Netflix, Inc.
$ 105.44 0.35 ▼ 0.33% 38,175,110
Microsoft Corporation
$ 43.36 1.54 ▲ 3.68% 36,279,602
Intel Corporation
$ 28.60 0.78 ▲ 2.80% 33,482,822
As of 9/2/2015 4:15:00 PM

About the Momentum Page

The Momentum charts provide the investor with a graphic representation of the changes analysts have made in their forecasts over time. The Change in Consensus chart provides a presentation of changes in the consensus estimates from one week ago and one month ago as compared to the overnight, or current, consensus estimates. The graphic representation gives an instant recognition of the trends.

The Number of Estimates changed chart provides an immediate visual comparison of quarter-end and year-end estimate changes.

Why Investors Care

Investors want to know about not only the number of analysts changing their forecast about the company, but about how many and how frequently the analyst estimate changes are made, either up or down.

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Daily overnight.

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