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The Quarterly and Yearly Earnings Forecasts provide a measure of how analysts are moving in their thinking about a company and it's prospects in the marketplace.

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About the Forecast Page

The earnings forecast table for a company changes as analysts change their forecasts. Each of the tables accumulate the total number of analyst recommendations and show the number that have moved their recommendation up or down in the previous 4 week period. The quarterly forecasts are shown for 8 periods into the future, and the annual forecasts are for three annual reporting periods into the future.

Why Investors Care Because many investors believe that market prices follow earnings, investors wish to have an appreciation of the trends of earnings and how well analysts are forecasting those earnings. This gives the investor an appreciation of the timeliness of data provided by the company in the marketplace and the ability of the analysts who follow the company to interpret that data.

Data Provider Data is provided by Thomson Financial I/B/E/S.

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