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In the future, a portfolio tracking cookie will identify you as a portfolio tracker user. The cookie is a file stored on your computer that contains the stocks you have chosen, the number of shares you own and anything else that you provided. This cookie resides SOLELY on the computer with which you created your portfolio. It can not be shared between a computer at work and a separate computer at home.

If you feel you have reached this page in error most likely you do not have a portfolio tracking cookie on this computer. The following details list the most common reasons for not having a cookie.

The Most Common Reasons for Missing Cookies:

  • You are not using the same computer with which you originally created your portfolio.
    If you create a portfolio on your computer at work and then go to check your portfolio on your home computer, you will not find it. You can only view your portfolio with the machine it was created on. This does not exclude you from creating another portfolio on your computer at home.

  • You are not using the same browser on which you created your portfolio.
    If you created your portfolio using Internet Explorer™ and then tried to access it using Netscape™, you will not find your portfolio. Internet Explorer™ and Netscape™ handle cookies differently. Sometimes even upgrading to a newer version of the browser can cause the loss of a cookie.

  • Your cookie has been deleted from your computer.
    Some people delete old files to clean up their computers and create more space. Other times individuals use their built-in programs to delete older files and accidentally delete cookies.

  • Your computer does not accept cookies.
    You have changed the settings on your computer to deny cookies. Although you can set up your portfolio, the details of your portfolio will not be saved for ongoing use. In order to save your investments in your portfolio, you need to accept cookies on your computer.

Restoring Cookies
If you have lost your cookie it is possible to have it restored. You will need to send mail through our Feedback Form. You will also need to include your portfolio name, the securities you have in your portfolio, and if possible the amount of each security you own. A support person will look up your portfolio and match your information to what is in the database. It may take some time. In some cases it may be faster to simply recreate your portfolio.

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Our cookie based access allows users without a Windows Live ID account the ability to use NASDAQ.com Portfolio Tracking services.

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  • Doesn't require a login.

Utilizing cookies to store entered information, users can manage stocks and access their portfolios on NASDAQ.com quickly and easily. Because cookies reside on the user's machine, this option is recommended for those using the same machine and browser combination to access the application and those who have fewer security concerns.

If selecting this type of access, users must have cookies enabled and must not delete any nasdaq.com based cookies. If the cookie is deleted, all portfolio data must be re-entered.