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How to Build a Multimillion-Dollar Retirement Fund

By NerdWallet

You don’t have to go looking for get-rich-quick schemes; they’ll happily find you. If your email’s spam folder is like mine, it holds several hundred offers to start the “hottest digitally based business.” For just $100, you get malware and the opportunity to work from home. On the off chance that it goes wrong,… Read Full Story

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Annual contributions

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Include any spare change, piggy banks, cash in wallets and funds in safe deposit boxes.

Bank account balances

Include checking and savings accounts, CDs and MMAs.

Retirement savings

Include IRAs, 401(k)s, annuities and other employer retirement balances.

Nonretirement investments

Include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, savings bonds, etc.

Accumulated cash value
of life insurance policies

Include the cash value of your life insurance policy. This is only the cash value of the policy, not the amount paid out if you were to collect on the policy.

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