AT marketsite | the MarketSite Studio is the location for honoring companies with market open ceremonies, new listings, and other events. | EVENTS LIST

Experience an event space as unique as the 3,600 companies that list on the NASDAQ, Inc. Exchange.

Bell Ceremonies

The Opening and Closing Bell ceremonies at the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York's Times Square serve as a platform to generate exposure for your company, make a news announcement or celebrate corporate milestones.

Event Space

With its dramatic video tower overlooking Times Square, NASDAQ MarketSite provides spectacular panoramic views and the ultimate setting for company and private events.

Advertising in Times Square

In addition to the NASDAQ MarketSite 7-story tall video tower, NASDAQ also offers the Times Square Squared package, which defines the ultimate consumer outdoor media experience by running advertising on both the NASDAQ Tower and the Reuters Sign, bridging together the entire south side of Times Square.