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We would like to include your logo on the NASDAQ Tower and studio wall during the ceremony. For optimal visibility during the live television broadcast, we ask for a specific file format and size. Please email your event planner three logo files in the following formats:

  1. Logo on a black background with color text
  2. Logo on a white background with color text
  3. Logo on a black background with white text

Please send logos as separate files, both created as native vector files (recommended: Adobe Illustrator 10 and below) and saved in a .EPS format. If vector art is not available, please make sure the resolution of the raster file is at least 300 dpi. Raster files usually have the file extension JPG or BMP. GIF files are generally too low resolution to be acceptable. Please zip the files before sending to ensure that the files are not corrupted in email transmission. PLEASE OUTLINE ALL TYPE. DO NOT SEND FONT FILES.

Vector graphics are largely preferred for 2 primary reasons: they produce clean/crisp lines, and are easily editable. Bitmap graphics can be troublesome due to low resolution &/or halftoning/grayscale components. An optimum bitmap file would be 300-600 dpi, at 4+" wide.

Times Square2

NASDAQ is pleased to announce an alliance with Reuters called Times Square2, which defines the ultimate consumer outdoor media experience by running advertising on both the NASDAQ Tower and the Reuters Sign, bridging together the entire south side of Times Square. As a result of this partnership, NASDAQ is offering companies scheduled to ring the bell a special advertising package to take advantage of Times Square2. Over the next few days, Dave Jenssen, sales manager of Times Square2 will be in touch with you to discuss this opportunity further.

Tower / TS2 / Advertising PDF (13.4 MB)

For more information please contact:

Rohini Shahriar

Tower Templates

You may choose to create your tower file according to either HD or NTSC template and instructions.

Download the instructions and After Effects template for the NASDAQ Tower here. When prompted, choose to save the document to your desktop then unzip and view files.

30 secs, 59.94 fps, (provide as .MOV on a data CD or DVD). Please keep in mind that HD resolution looks best on the tower, only use the NTSC composition in the after effects file for lower resolution content (read instructions for further details).

Please read the appropriate instructions carefully as there are requirements specific to the NASDAQ Tower to address the vertical aspect ratio and location of windows.

Tower Webcam

If you'd like to direct employees/stock holders to the NASDAQ web cam to view the tower, simply pass along this link and the following instructions:

  • Viewers must have Windows Media Player to view the webcam
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page under the heading MarkeketSite
  • Web cam and click on Windows Media Player
  • The Web cam is live only and is not archived
  • Do not be alarmed that the web cam is fuzzy. The video feed is compressed for online viewing.