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Index Name Symbol Value Net Change
Broad Based Indices
S&P MidCap MID 1449.73 4.81 
Major Market Index XMI 1891.3769 8.49 
 International Indices
EUROTOP 100 Index EUR 276.9159 unch
Hong Kong Option Index HKO 439.2819 5.95 
Japan Index JPN 182.8796 4.20 
 Sector Indices
Amex Biotechnology Index BTK 3545.5799 33.48 
Morgan Stanley Consumer Index CMR 1053.323 unch
Morgan Stanley Commodity Related Equity Index CRX 1057.9357 unch
CSFB Technology index CTN 342.9507 unch
Morgan Stanley Cyclical Index CYC 1611.4678 unch
Disk Drive Index DDX 141.5045 1.08 
Defense index DFI 2812.1488 6.80 
Pharmaceutical index DRG 545.3217 0.17 
Deutsche Bank Energy Index DXE 1495.1632 unch
Inter@active Week Internet index IIX 422.288 unch
Morgan Stanley Internet index MOX 57.8639 unch
Morgan Stanley Technology index MSH 1020.9619 3.32 
Airline index XAL 98.0019 0.47 
Securities Broker/Dealer index XBD 184.2422 0.20 
Computer Technology index XCI 1618.8835 2.96 
Natural Gas index XNG 748.2424 14.76 
Oil index XOI 1367.5147 42.23 
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Footnote for the FlashQuotes For NASDAQ-100 page:
The NASDAQ 100 Index is a modified market value-weighted index.
The NASDAQ-100 Points are the market value weighted impact on the value of the Nasdaq-100 Index attributable to each stock's intraday price change.
For example, if the Nasdaq-100 Index is up 100 points and in this column Cisco has a positive 10 point change, then 10 of the 100 point gain is attributable to Cisco.