RiskMetrics - Course Overview

Course overview

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The course is divided into the following three modules, each of which takes less than forty-five minutes to complete.

  1. Identifying Risk: emphasizes the importance of understanding and measuring risk before making decisions.
  2. Measuring Risk: introduces the fundamentals of quantifying market risk using the RiskGrades approach.
  3. Managing Risk: concludes the course with ways an investor can apply RiskGrades to manage risk.


The course has no pre-requisites except a keen interest to learn about risk. If you're already a risk expert, you may skip the fundamentals of identifying and measuring risk to go ahead and learn about the new RiskGrades suite of advanced risk measurement tools.

Course Progress

A course Glossary is also available online. Glossary entries are found throughout the course and are indicated by italicized text. Clicking a glossary entry reveals a separate window containing a definition of the entry.

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