Closed End Funds

What are Closed End Funds?

These are mutual funds with a fixed number of shares that trade in the marketplace, much like an Exchange Traded Fund. Because the number of shares of a closed end fund are limited and not usually redeemed by the fund itself, the shares often trade at a premium or discount to the underlying notes or equities within the fund. The investment goals of these funds can be as varied as those of the open end funds.

Why Investors Care?

Investors who purchase shares in a closed end fund are often trying to buy the value of the underlying assets when they believe the closed end fund is trading at a discount greater than justified.

Interested in finding Closed End Funds, by Sponsor?

Zweig Total Return Fund Inc.13.42-114.42 Discount107.45% Discount
The Zweig Fund Inc.14.22-115.22 Discount107.03% Discount
Aberdeen Indonesia Fund Inc. Discount14.03% Discount
Aberdeen Chile Fund, Inc.7.226.480.74 Discount10.25% Discount
Western Asset/Claymore Inflation-Linked Opportunity & Income Fun12.5410.961.58 Discount12.60% Discount
Western Asset/Claymore Inflation-Linked Securities & Income Fund12.8311.431.40 Discount10.91% Discount
Western Asset Premier Bond Fund13.4912.720.77 Discount5.71% Discount
Delaware Minnesota Municipal Income Fund II15.1314.620.51 Discount3.37% Discount
Delaware National Municipal Income Fund15.0914.041.05 Discount6.96% Discount
Delaware Colorado Municipal Income15.7715.70.07 Discount0.44% Discount
Reaves Utility Income Fund31.88-132.88 Discount103.14% Discount
Liberty All Star Equity Fund5.91NANANA

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