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Based on our analysis of the book by Benjamin Graham

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Guru(s) Strong Guru(s) Some Symbol Company This Guru's Quant Score Previous Close Mkt Value $(Mil) Rel. Strength P/E P/E/G Proj P/E 12 mo.
0 2   BGFV  BIG 5 SPORTING GOODS CORPORATION   86  9.85  220  19  11.56  -28.25  13.75
0 1   XIN  XINYUAN REAL ESTATE CO., LTD. (ADR)   86  3.01  239  15  2.86  -42.12 
0 2   XNY  CHINA XINIYA FASHION LTD (ADR)   86  0.64  36  15  2.36  -38.26 
2 2   LQDT  LIQUIDITY SERVICES, INC.   86  14.25  423  13  10.93  17.26  13.68
0 1   GNI  GREAT NORTHERN IRON ORE PROPERTIES   86  27.9  42  12  2.81  -4.08 
0 2   GPRC  GUANWEI RECYCLING CORP.   86  0.63  12  0.81  -33.42 
0 2   ESI  ITT EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, INC.   86  4.74  111  1.88  -56.25  1.73
1 1   LIWA  LIHUA INTERNATIONAL INC   86  0.06  0.04  -3.22 

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