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Guru(s) Strong Guru(s) Some Symbol Company This Guru's Quant Score Previous Close Mkt Value $(Mil) Rel. Strength P/E P/E/G Proj P/E 12 mo.
1 1   DIT  AMCON DISTRIBUTING CO.   100  85  52  55  11.46  -21.56 
2 1   CHEUY  CHEUNG KONG (HOLDINGS) LIMITED (ADR)   100  17.53  40387  59  8.93  9.86 
1 0   CDEVY  CITY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED (ADR)   100  8.37  7529  93  14.3  17.94  14.44
1 1   NPK  NATIONAL PRESTO INDUSTRIES INC.   100  75.47  523  37  12.64  5.89 
1 1   SEB  SEABOARD CORPORATION   100  2505.19  2975  33  14.57  -26.68 
2 1   SUHJY  SUN HUNG KAI PROPERTIES LIMITED (ADR)   100  12.9  34689  34  6.54  -8.04  12.65
1 3   YONG  YONGYE INTERNATIONAL, INC   100  6.96  353  69  2.31  147.78 

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