Financial Terms by Letter: N

Net adjusted present value
Net advantage of refunding
Net advantage to leasing
Net advantage to merging
Net after-tax gain
Net asset value (NAV)
Net asset value arbitrage
Net assets
Net benefit to leverage factor
Net book value
Net capital requirement
Net cash balance
Net change
Net charge-off rate
Net currency exposure
Net current assets
Net errors and omissions
Net exposed assets
Net financing cost
Net float
Net income
Net income per share of common stock
Net interest cost (NIC)
Net investment
Net investment income per share
Net lease
Net monetary assets
Net operating loss carrybacks
Net operating loss carryforwards
Net operating losses
Net operating margin
Net parity
Net period
Net position
Net present value (NPV)
Net present value of future investments
Net present value of growth opportunities
Net present value rule
Net proceeds
Net profit margin
Net quick assets
Net realized capital gains per share
Net sales
Net sales transaction
Net salvage value
Net tangible assets per share
Net transaction
Net transaction exposure
Net Weight
Net working capital
Net worth
Net yield
Netting out
Network A/Network B
Neural Nets
Neutral hedge
Neutral period
Neutral stock
New account report
New European Exchange (NEWEX)
New high/new low
New issue
New listing
New money
New York Board of Trade (NYBOT)
New York Cotton Exchange (NYCE)
New York Futures Exchange (NYFE)
New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX)
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
New Zealand Stock Exchange
New-issues market
Newly Industrialized Countries (NICs)
Next day settlement
Next futures contract
Nexus (of contracts)

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