Financial Terms by Letter: M

Market analysis
Market bottom
Market break
Market capitalization
Market capitalization rate
Market check
Market clearing
Market conversion price
Market correction
Market cycle
Market Eye
Market failure
Market impact costs
Market index
Market interest rate
Market internalization advantages
Market jitters
Market letter
Market maker
Market microstructure
Market model
Market Neutral
Market Not Held Order
Market opening
Market order
Market order go-along/participating
Market out clause
Market overhang
Market penetration/share
Market Performance Committee (MPC)
Market portfolio
Market price of risk
Market prices
Market research
Market return
Market risk
Market RRR (required rate of return) Schedule
Market sectors
Market segmentation theory
Market share
Market sweep
Market timer
Market timing 2.
Market timing costs
Market tone
Market top
Market value
Market value ratios
Market value-weighted index
Marketable securities
Marketable title
Market-based corporate governance system
Market-based forecasting
Market-book ratio
Marketed claims
Market-if-touched (MIT)
Market-on-Close (MOC) order
Marketplace price efficiency
Marking to market
Marking up or down
Markovian Dependence
Markowitz diversification
Markowitz efficient frontier
Markowitz efficient portfolio
Markowitz efficient set of portfolios
Markowitz, Harry
Marks and Numbers
Marriage penalty
Married put
Married Put Strategy
Marrried Put and Stock
Master Air Waybill (MAB)
Master limited partnership (MLP)
Master pension plan
Matador market

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